Saturday, December 1, 2012

VHSPS - Coolest company in the world.

 VHSPS - Coolest company in the world.
I think we all know how much I adore VHS tapes. I have spent years collecting and hunting for them. Namely horror VHS tapes. The one thing that is a struggle though to have this sort of collection and enjoy it is the fact that we're in a digital age. Between DVDs and Blurays it's always interesting to see what lost titles from the VHS boom are being released. Sadly a good number of them have yet to see the light of day.

VHSPS makes this wonderful dream come true.

VHSPS is a company that takes lost gems that have yet been released yet and they take them straight from the original tapes we have all known and loved and make them into DVDs which makes watching these amazing titles much easier. I have been going to horror conventions for years now and VHSPS is by far the greatest company I've bought from where you can find good quality movies with a beyond insane selection. I have bought bootlegs in the past and have been ripped off more times than you can even count. VHSPS is very, very, very different. First off they take original titles that have been sitting in limbo for God knows how long. Not only do these guys bring back happy memories from my childhood, selling movies I love, but they make legit copies of movies with menus, and a very impressive web site showing the hundreds of titles you can choose from. 

I first knew how great these guys were when I met them last spring at Monster Mania. These guys are fans just like me and know their movies. When I bought House IV and sadly I scratched it on my trip back to Boston they sent me a brand new copy right away, no questions asked. Second they had Radioactive Dreams, which is a huge favorite of mine that I had been searching for what seemed like years. Third, I mentioned that I loved the movie Dangerously Close and within months they released this title on their website.

And forth...they are just plain awesome.

Last month I wrote a small post about how like a complete idiot I ruined my Home Sweet Home DVD, and today when I came home from doing a little holiday shopping I was welcomed to a very wonderful susprise.

The boys sent me a brand new copy which meant the world to me along with a very awesome Gremlins trading card with my "husband" Zach Galligan. 

I will and forever support VHSPS. I recommend to any movie lover to check out their great website and buy from them. This is the best anyone is ever going to get for classics movies they want to see again. Between the constant deals, coupons, and welcoming attitude I hope VHSPS is around for a very, very, very long time. 

Love you guys and thank you again! Staystillreviews supports VHSPS because it's one of the greatest video sites in the world!

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