Sunday, December 2, 2012

Vintage Gremlins Rub N' Play

 Vintage Gremlins Rub N' Play

This past fall while at HorrorHound, I was searching for anything that had to do with the movie Gremlins. While there I was lucky enough to find Gremlins 2 The New Batch on Laserdisk, two mini POP Gremlins figures, and...

for free two sets of Gremlins stickers and Rub N' Plays (...)

While at a table that escapes my mind at the moment, this very lovely man sold me the two POP Gremlins figures. I think he saw how much of a fan I was and grabbed these two old school Gremlins stickers and Rub N' Plays and gave them to me for free. I think at that point I shouted very loudly that this was the best table ever, made a complete scene, thanked him, and went on my way.

I sorta remember Rub N' Play Transfers, they were mostly were popular a few years before I was even born. Nevertheless, even though some of the stickers were missing, I was thrilled with this nice little score. I've seen a few of these floating around and I decided to post a few photos of these two gems I was able to snatch that weekend. Also let's talk about Zach Galligan's sick yellow slacks.

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