Monday, November 12, 2012

What do you watch when you get sick?

What do you watch when you get sick?
We've all been there. Stuck in bed, puking your guts out, a high fever, the chills, a stuffy nose, aches, and maybe so hung over you can't even see straight. Seeing that I have the worst immune system on the planet, and I just got over one of the worst head colds of my life...I ask the very important question...

What movies do you watch when you get sick?

My answer is pretty easy...anything long enough that I don't have to slip out of bed to put in something else or change the disk. So I guess it would have to be Twins Peaks. I own the gold box set of this wonderful show and every single time I feel under the weather or find myself puking into a trash bin, I always watch this show. I guess in a feverish state the show makes sense to me.

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