Friday, November 9, 2012

VHSPS haul!

Last week I posted about how thrilled I was that my new favorite site VHSPS was releasing the 1986 teen cheese fest Dangerously Close on DVD. I adore this movie and have a gorgeous poster of it hanging in my den. The second I saw that the boys released it on their web site I ordered it along with a very creepy and underrated film Boxing Helena.  Today when I came home I was welcomed to my two DVDs coming in along with a lovely princess crown from the boys. How well they know me...

Here are a few photos of my haul, super excited to watch these! One thing that did make me a little bitter was the flyer for Blood On The Beach which I'll be posting about this weekend. "Sniff" 
Here is a photo of me wearing my princess crown and holding my Dangerously Close DVD. I tried to capture my excitment for it finally being released.

God Bless you guys!

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