Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evil Dead II on the big screen!

Evil Dead II on the big screen!
It's been a while since I've made my way into Boston to visit Coolidge Corner Theater for their After Midnight show. Sadly I missed their Halloween line up due to work but I was lucky enough to be able to catch Sam Raimi's balls to the wall masterpiece Evil Dead II Dead By Dawn last night.

I had been up since seven but after a quick trip to the bar, a shot, and power housing a beer I strolled back through the cold and to the theater to witness an original print of one of the most fun and best made horror movies of all time.  Joining my friends Nate and Johnny, we watched this classic on the big screen and had a great time besides some hipsters being assholes and talking through the whole movie in front of us (sorry didn't know this was Mystery Science Theater) The movie was great and the perfect way to spend a Friday night in Boston! (Sorry about the photos being so blurry, damn camera sucks.)

All hail he who comes from the sky!

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