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The Most Perfect Movies In My Eyes...

The Most Perfect Movies In My Eyes...
Everyone has their own favorite movies. For me my list is always different. There's my top ten, my top five, my favorite horror, my favorite guilty pleasures, my favorite childhood movies, ect. Then there are certain movies that no matter what you can honestly say in your own eyes they are the perfect example of perfection. These are movies you got chills watching in theaters, have great memories watching, or love showing and introducing people to. Now some on my list are in my top ten favorite movies of all time, but this is truly just a list showing what I believe are the most perfect and best made movies ever.

Blade Runner
- I could go on for hours about this movie. How truly ahead of it's time it was is completely crazy. This is what I believe was not only a film noir, but also a futuristic look of what the Jews went through back in WWII. Everything about this movie is perfect (meaning the director's cut) every detail is paid attention to and is truly tears in the rain. 

I'll never forget remembering seeing the teaser trailer for this movie and truly not knowing what the fuck it was going to be about. I saw this baby seven total times in theaters and this honestly is one of the best movies I've ever seen. Such a visually stunning movie, with insane scenes, gorgeous and breathtaking storytelling, and one of the most brilliant complex plots ever written. (Oh and Joseph Gordon Levitt in a suit.)

Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Seems a little out of place here huh? Well I don't think so. Fast Times is honestly one of the best made 80's movies. Not only is it a great comedy, it's also a great mature teen drama that's a coming to age film. A wonderful cast and a great very true outlook on several teenager's life's through either their first or final year of high school. 

My second favorite movie of all time. I know what people are thinking (You just like it because JGL is in it!) Yeah, well that's true...but another big reason is how blown away I was seeing this in theaters. Never before has such a new movie moved me before. First a wonderful use of practical effects. (Gordon Levitt's makeup was truly insane.) along with a great storyline. This reminded me of a futuristic western/Greek tragedy. A twisted fairy tail with amazing actors, action, and a very fitting ending. If I could ever swear by one movie...this would be it. 

Yes, my all time favorite movie. I think everyone knows how much I adore this film and how it shaped my love for sharks. Jaws is storytelling at it's best. A wonderful suspense/horror/adventure movie about something so simple. Also it has one of the best ending lines ever in a movie.

I was a sick and twisted little girl. Growing up this was one of my all time favorite movies. Instead of loving movies about princesses or fairy tales...I loved this movie. This in my eyes is Mr. Cameron's masterpiece. A balls to the walls sequel that had such dazzling effects it still doesn't even look dated! 

The Dark Knight Rises
I have never seen Batman Begins, and I enjoyed The Dark Knight...but for the third and final movie...I fucking loved The Dark Knight Rises. (Yet again people can say...ehhhh it's just because of JGL.) Well guess what? I was a Batman fan long before this (my childhood favorite being Burton's Batman Returns.) This is the final and best epic chapter in the trilogy. A beautiful movie that moved me to tears. A perfect way to end everything. Never before have I loved a movie as much as I have loved this one. The cafe scene at the end in my eyes is one of the best written scenes of all time.

Best sequel of all time? Maybe...Aliens after T2 is Cameron's best work. Taking the next step in the terrifying Alien series, this is an action paced thrill ride that I never get tired of watching. If only the series ended with this one. “Sigh..” 

The Hitcher
For years this held a solid place in my top ten. The original Hitcher is one of the most visually beautifully filmed movies of all time. I'll be reviewing this title very soon and share my many different theories to this haunting and wonderful film. 

One of the original slashers. One of the best and original twists ever seen on screen. If you ever want to ease someone into the classics this is it. A great amazing movie that features tricks that are still used today!

Screw Red Dragon! This was the original and this was perfect. Yes it's a little dated but between the haunting score, the beautiful and breathtaking filmed scenes, this is one of the best thrillers I have ever seen. 

Pulp Fiction
I'll admit it was dark to choose which film would make it on this list. Inglorious Bastards nearly made it. In the end I decided on Pulp Fiction. This is most likely what I think is one of the best written movies of all time. One of the most fun to share with movies and slowly watch come together. This is one of the best made movies of all time in fact.

The Great Escape
I have never been more on the edge of my seat than I was with this movie. It was a toss up between this and The Searchers. A wonderful movie that makes you feel for these poor men right up until the very end.

Rebel Without A Cause
I'm still blown away this sort of movie was made when it came out. Even though James Dean's final film Giant is my favorite, Rebel is a very real and raw out look on how ugly people can be. Some of the stuff they did for the time I'm still stunned at. Talk about being ahead of it's time!

The Thing
One of the best horror movies of all time. Carpenter's remake took things to a whole new level. With mind blowing effects, a great isolated location, and a kick ass ending this movie was a very underrated film that showed how true horror is really within everyone of us.

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