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50 years of shaking and not stirring! Skyfall review

50 years of shaking and not stirring! Skyfall review

I've always been a big James Bond fan. My parents loved these movies so of course I grew up watching them. I have many favorites in the series for different reasons. I would honestly have to say that my four favorites were Casino Royale, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Live And Let Die, and A View To A Kill (yes...the one with Grace Jones...don't judge.)

But I have to say one of those might be getting bumped because I now truly have a new favorite...and that one is called...


I was blown away by Casino Royale when I finally got around to first viewing it back in 2008. I had sorta lost interest in the whole Bond franchise. I understood that it was supposed to be tongue in cheek like so many before hand,but Pierce Brosnan really should have stopped. I fucking hated Die Another Day. In fact I would go so far to say it's one of the worst in the whole series.

I remember I sorta began to cast judgment when Daniel Craig was put in the role as 007. My reaction was the same as many other hardcore fans...”A blond Bond? Really?” It took me finally getting around to seeing Casino Royal to be sold.

What an amazing movie. Never before had I been on the edge of my seat as I was with this Bond movie. I loved how it sorta took the Nolan approach and retooled a classic series but made it much more darker. I liked how we went back to the roots of the story and began to understand what made this spy tick. I believe darker is always much better.

I was shitting my pants with excitement when Quantum Of Solace was released and sadly it was a great disappointment.

Sure it had it's moments but in all honestly that movie was a bore and a complete weak entry. I'm sure fans will argue with me but I really didn't like it.

When Skyfall was released I really wasn't interested. Quantum had left a bad taste in my mouth and I was afraid I was about to blow ten bucks to be bored for two hours.

Boy was I wrong!

Today I finally went to go see this movie. One of the biggest reasons I decided to go was my interest in the film's villain. For me this is the big reason why I love these movies. Who doesn't love a complete bad ass villain in any movie? I loved Javier Bardem in No Country For Old Men back in 2007. In fact I'll go so far to say it was my favorite movie from that year. (Sorry Grindhouse.) I remember even cheering when he won his very much deserved Oscar that year. Seeing him in this role I thought he would make the perfect villain. I loved the blond hair and how towering his presence was. This reminded me of the good old days of Bond when the villains were over the top. He reminded me of Jaws, and with that bleached hair like Christopher Walken from A View To A Kill. What he brought to this role was nothing but perfection. Even though he isn't shown into half way through the movie he literary steals every scene he's in. Beyond flamboyant (loved the scene where he strokes Bond's legs when he's tied to the chair.) and do I dare I say it...a likeable villain? I also found myself sorta blown away by his little reveal to M and Bond in the jail cell later showing them the effects of what a failed suicide left him with. (I believe that was all CG, not sure but it worked perfectly.) I also loved his scene in the chapel with M. It was sorta like a twisted love affair/mother and father relationship. I loved his interactions with Bond. In fact every like he uttered was amazing. Total props for making the movie man.

As for the direction why not use Sam Mendes? This is the man who brought us American Beauty. Nothing makes me more happy than when the studio brings in somebody who for once knows what their doing. Mendes handled this movie like the pro he is. The action scenes were insane, so weren't the breathtaking locations. I really hope this man comes back to direct more. I mean wasn't this one of the biggest openings ever for a Bond movie? Goes to show you...

I also loved all the little nods and references to the past movies. In fact I had to laugh afterwards when the movie had finished. I was in the ladies room and I overheard two young teenage girls remark on how they had never seen a Bond movie before and sorta felt left out when the audience laughed at certain parts like the exploding pen gag. I of course found myself sitting in the stall shaking my head.

Also let's talk about the final act? Whoa...totally didn't see that coming. I loved everything at the Skyfall mansion. First off talk about a great location. Very unsettling. I felt as if this was a Home Alone movie on speed with all the traps set. I loved the explosions of course and that underwater ice scene. Nothing more creepy than our villain walking from the ruined remains with the flames behind him walking towards what he's been driven to destroy all these years. (Am I the only one who sorta felt bad for him?)

I loved also how they make Bond a real person in this. He was physically and mentally fucked int his one and held together by booze and pills. (Hell why not!) I loved how they are also starting fresh, with a brand new Q. (No more John Cleese guys!) I remembered seeing this little cutie before in Perfume, which is a very underrated and insane movie. I also loved the ending wrap around with the new M (I'm sorry Judie Dench but it was time to give it up, nice ending though, very fitting.) and of course Ms. Moneypenny. As a fan of the classic Bond movies I loved seeing the old car and hearing that original theme. I have a feeling that the future Bond movies are now set in motion for success.

My one sorta complaint was the opening. Maybe I'm spoiled. The Casino Royale one was epic! I know these is classic Bond. Naked girls, visuals hinting towards what the movie will be about as the theme song blasts...but ehh, really wasn't digging it. Cool computer effects, very 1960's feel to it. Liked the visual of Bond sinking under water into the sand.

But the skulls and tombstones, ehhh maybe I'm just nitpicking but I wasn't a fan.

The Adele song was very beautiful though and I've really never heard any other works from her before. I'm a big fan of the Bond music and this fit in perfectly and set the mood for what type of movie this would be.

Also whenever I have a real shit day in the future I plan on playing that drinking game Bond did in the beginning. Sound like the best idea ever!

5 stars!

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