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Ah remakes. Do we love them? Or do you seriously want to throw ourselves out a high story window after seeing that yet another classic is getting “re-envisioned”. Remakes have been around much longer than anyone thinks, in fact Wes Craven's Last House On The Left was a remake of the Virgin Spring. Back in the late 1970's and 1980's many 50's classics were being remake on a much bigger and much more bad ass level. This was the age of practical effects and boy did we get them! 

A few remakes were cranked out in the 1990's and then suddenly the whole remake craze began to take hold. Some were awesome, some were down right awful. I personally like to think that remakes should crank up things on a whole new level. That the whole point of it being remade is to either make a completely different movie that's just as good as the original or make up and repair some of the mistakes the first one bad making it into an even better film.

Sadly in the 2000's Hollywood couldn't really think of any original ideas so remake after remake after remake were pushed out. Lots of which were watered down with television stars and given a lighter ratting to bring in a younger audience to make money. Trust me nothing makes me more upset than a teenager these days honestly thinking the only Hitcher movie starred Sean Bean.


So with the new Evil Dead remake coming out soon I decided to make a quick list based off some of the best remakes, some of the better remakes, and some of the down right awful remakes.

The Best
These are the golden gems of the whole remake craze. These movies I wouldn't say completely overshadow the classic originals but for me really were made into some kick ass stand alone films that I can enjoy and love. These movies took things up a new notches, dazzled us with some mind blowing effects, clever new twists, awesome casts and soundtracks, and lost of action.

Dawn Of The Dead

Night Of The Living Dead

The Thing

The Fly

The Blob

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers

The Hills Have Eyes

My Bloody Valentine's

The somewhat enjoyable


The Amityville Horror

Piranha 3D

Prom Night  (Don't judge)

House Of Wax

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Last House On The Left

The downright awful

The Fog

A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Hitcher

Day Of The Dead

Friday the 13th

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