Sunday, November 4, 2012

Evil Dead remake trailer

Evil Dead remake trailer

Eh, so yeah I'm a little behind on jumping on the whole Evil Dead remake wagon. I first watched the trailer around two weeks ago and my thoughts are sorta neutral. Most likely my next post will be about my love/hate feel towards remakes. The way I look at this movie was that it was bound to happen. A lot of people argue that Dead By Dawn is the true remake of the original and I sorta have to half agree on that. In my eyes it isn't a remake, it's a sequel which seriously brought the series to a whole new level. It made up for the lack of effects and certain budget constructions the original had. Still, it's a sequel not a remake.

I'm not going to judge this remake until I see it, but I do have a very uneasy feeling towards it. Seems to be blending in a bit with all the other remakes that have been released last decade.

I'm telling you, if you wanna do something right get Raimi back!
We'll see...

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