Saturday, November 3, 2012

Bad ass moment in television #112

Bad ass moment in television #112 - Supernatural - Dean dies
There are many bad ass moments in both film and television. This week I have decided to start showing some of my personal picks in which you just can't help but remark on what a bad ass moment that truly was.
This week comes from the third season of Supernatural.
I'll be the first to admit, I didn't jump on the Supernatural train for a while simply because I thought it was just some weak teen show with two attractive looking guy and stupid storyline (well I wasn't wrong about the leads being attractive.) Back in 2010 after re-watching the highly underrated remake of My Bloody Valentine I decided to look up Supernatural and of course the first scene I see is in season 4 when Sam and Dean meet the giant teddy bear. Of course my interest was caught and bang, within a few weeks I bought the first three seasons and got everyone in my apartment building interested in the show. I have fold memories of plowing through seasons while drinking cheap beer and making beer staffs. The first five seasons were complete perfection and the show is still going strong. I strongly have to urge any fan of horror to go check it out. There's demons, ghost, werewolves, vampires, ghouls, angels, and killer clowns.

In season three our lead character Dean (Jensen Ackles) sold his soul to Hell in order to save his brother in the previous season. With less than a year to live before the invisible Hell hounds come to rip him apart. After many desperate attempts to stop it, Sam and his brother are trapped by a demon before finally the clock strikes and all of Dean's time has run out.
For such a simple scene I have to really hand it to the artist, the effects were insane. Nothing says fun more than a blood bath!
This is one of the best cliffhangers of all time for a show like this and I just loved all the rip marks that appear on Dean's body. If you ever needed any more proof to start watching Supernatural here it is!

In fact I loved that scene so much back at school a friend and I decided to recreate it as a project for myself!


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