Sunday, November 4, 2012

VHSPS Dangerously Close release!

Dangerously Close released on VHSPS
Back at Monster Mania last spring I visited the boys at VHSPS and noticed they had the very underrated 1985 classic Radioactive Dreams. Stunned, I then asked if they had another John Stockwell classic...

Dangerously Close.

I'm a pretty big fan of Radioactive Dreams and Dangerously Close. Both are pure 80's gold and have amazing soundtracks. For years I had been searching for this movie and was lucky enough to find it on VHS while doing a tape hunt. At Monster Mania I asked the guys if they had it and they remarked that they loved that movie as well and thought they might have it. Lucky for me they said that if they didn't have it on them they would go to work on releasing it right away. Today I decided to check out the VHSPS site and see their new releases and bless my stars they had Dangerously Close

Finally I can watch this movie on DVD.

This week I'll be ordering this movie along with a few other titles. I'm beyond excited that one of my favorite movies is finally seeing the light of day due to some really awesome people. Thanks guys!

Dangerously Close in case your wondering is about is about a young high school student that  discovers some of his classmates  have formed an elite clique more or less hell-bent on ridding the school, and quite possibly American society, of what they deem to be its undesirables because of ethnicity, politics, etc. Our hero recruits a teacher and some other "less desirable" classmates to undermine the elitists, and, naturally, things get quite violent. 

So head on over to VHSPS and order this baby, trust me it's worth it!

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