Thursday, November 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home review...well sorta...

Home Sweet Home review...well sorta...

Who doesn't love Thanksgiving? The one day you can eat like a pig and drink till you puke and nobody can say anything! Earlier this week I did a brief list showing my top picks for horror movies based around this epic holiday. So of course I thought it would be fitting to do a review on Home Sweet Home. A slasher made back in 1981 about an escaped mental patient who makes his way to a family who's celebrating Thanksgiving and decides to start murdering anyone who gets in his way.

Well I had never seen this movie before but I was beyond interested in it. Lucky enough while at HorrorHound this past fall I found it on bootleg and just couldn't wait to watch it. Sadly all I was able to watch was the first twenty or so minutes before having to stop it. Thinking I would get a chance to watch the rest when I was less busy, I put it back in my collection and two weeks ago I pulled a total jackass mistake.

Organizing my collection, I found this movie and seeing that it was on a blank disk I decided to use a sharpie to write the movie's name so I wouldn't replace it.

When I tried to pop it in I found it funny that it wouldn't play. Then it dawned on me...

I wrote the title on the side where it plays from.


Today while searching I found the whole movie on Youtube. Sadly between stuffing my face and knocking back a few bottles with my sister and her husband I didn't have the time to watch it. Skimming though it it seems like a pretty lame movie. I hate to judge without fully watching the movie but it's true. I'm sure in the future I'll be doing a full review for this movie but if I honestly have to recommend any horror themed movie based on the Thanksgiving holiday, I'll have to go with Blood Rage. A very gory will written movie and reminds you that the red stains on somebody's shirt isn't always cranberry sauce! 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Home Sweet Home full movie.

Blood Rage scene

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