Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Horror...Best horror movies to have taken place inside a mall!

Black Friday Horror...Best horror movies to have taken place inside a mall.
When and where would you honestly see a bunch of people standing outside in the freezing cold for hours, waiting in line only to be swamped by mobs of crazy people to try and buy something half off.

Only in America!

I have only honestly done a true Black Friday twice. Once was to wake up at 4 AM to buy a printer for myself at Wallmart which was insane. I hate crowds but believe it or not I was in and out so it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The second was the following year at school in which after a day of drinking my friend convinced me it was a great idea to go with her to Pittsburgh and wait outside in the freezing rain to buy DVD's that were on sale. I think the only reason I agreed to this was because I was half sober. Standing in line for hours freezing my ass off I got my feet soaked (mind you I was wearing slippers.) in the end I went to three different stores and only bought 3 TV shows on DVD. Was it worth it? Ehhh. I think Black Fridays are getting out of control now. I feel pretty awful about the people who are forced to work and stores are opening earlier and earlier. Some of which are opening their doors tonight at 7! I think the only two reasons to really go out is either if your a parent and you wanna get a huge head start on Christmas shopping, or if you know exactly what you're gonna get and it's a big purchase that will be worth it in the long run. Trust me waiting in line that long...ain't my cup of tea.

So in honor of this insane day, I decided instead of braving the crowds I'm going to spend the day drinking, eating leftovers, drinking some more, and maybe stroll into the malls after the crowds have died down to see if any good DVDs are on sale.

Oh and also make my top list of awesome horror movies to have taken place inside a small.

Dawn Of The Dead

Dawn Of The Dead (04)

The Initiation

Chopping Mall

Night Of The Comet

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