Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blood At The Beach II "sniffle"

Blood At The Beach II "Sniffle" 
Back in September I stumbled upon the Blood At The Beach website and was floored by how awesome their guest line up was. Okay who am I kidding...I was only impressed that they had Zach Galligan. But come on kiddos, it's me we're talking about.

Shortly after I worked the ever amazing HorrorHound show and tried to urge a few friends of mine to head on down to Virginia Beach with me. Sadly due to it being so last second, and it being so far away plans fell through. I do have to hand it to my friend Jeanette who's always willing to go on a stupid adventure with me. We even contacted the owner to see if we could staff it and of fucking course he got back to us just last week (really?) From what I heard Blood At The Beach is a legit convention that's a lot of fun. Sadly the only real show in Mass is Rock & Shock which now blows dead dog's dicks. I guess the lesson of this is that HorrorHound will and forever be the greatest convention ever and as long as I'm welcome I will continue staffing the shows and seeing my horror family. (sadly I won't be able to staff the Jamie Lee Curtis show this month but I will be back in Ohio this March!) For those who did get to make the journey down to Virginia please post any photos you got of Zach this past weekend on FaceBook! I love Zach and sadly have missed the chance to meet that handsome Gremlin loving bastard several times. Trust me guys when I finally get the chance the amount of fan girl tears and snot that's gonna happen isn't gonna be pretty.


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