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Friday the 13th the series 25 years later and still in business!

Friday the 13th the series 25 years later and still in business!
Back in the late 80's the slasher boom was finally coming to a close. Jason the hockey mask wearing killer was about to paint the silver screen red again with his seventh sequel battling a girl with special telekinetic powers. Deciding to cash in on the success of the popular film series, Friday the 13th the series was made. Having nothing to do with Jason or Camp Crystal Lake. Shocking enough the fan's reaction was nothing but positive and tuned in for three very popular seasons to watch two cousins try and locate and collect dangerous cursed antiques by Satan himself. 

I'm a huge fan of Friday the 13th the series. I honestly can't express my love for this show. Discovering it back in 2007, I was hooked right away and as a fan of the Friday the 13th films, I liked the direction they brought the TV series and what an original storyline it was. I loved this show so much I named two of my dogs after the leading characters. I feel if there wasn't a Friday the 13th the series there wouldn't have been an X Files or a Warehouse 13. This is a show that still holds up and features some very creepy episodes. Even though I've never finished the third season (sorry guys, but after John D LeMay left I lost intrust.) I still feel that this show was one of the better made shows made in the late 1980's. Kicking Freddy's Nightmares right to the curb. This was a show that any fan could enjoy with characters you cared about. I only wish it had lasted longer. Now 25 years later, the show has gotten cult status. It's popular three seasons are still talked about and watched. After re-airing on cable and getting brand new DVD releases, people are still visiting Curious Goods and still seeing what's lurking down in the vault.

In honor of it's 25th anniversary, I decided to highlight one of my favorite episodes which aired in it's second season.

And Now The News

PLOT: A psychiatrist aims for a prestigious award by curing impossibly deranged patients, while the patients of another doctor die of fright. Micki and Ryan try to locate a cursed radio which aids this crazed doctor, only to nearly get killed themselves.

LOWDOWN: I loved the first two seasons of Friday the 13th the series. Sadly the character of Ryan Dallion was “killed” off in all manners speaking when actor John D LeMay decided to leave the show. (D LeMay later went on to star in my personal favorite Jason Goes To Hell.) I feel that D LeMay's exit truly hurt the show. Yeah I guess there were protests dealing with this show due to the subject manner, religious undertones, and the time slot being changed, but even actress Robey herself said that the audience had gotten attached to the Ryan character and just weren't buying the whole Johnny as the love interest. I myself as a huge fan have to admit this is why I stopped watching. I feel had D LeMay stayed this show would have maybe lasted a few more seasons and would have gotten better as time went on. Season two was a great series of completely insane episodes and cursed objects. In this season they were able to get away with some stuff that seemed pretty daring for the time. One of my favorite cursed objects is the cursed antique radio that gives advice and power to whoever uses it.

This episode was pretty awesome due to the deaths and the whole mental hospital setting (poor Micki nearly gets raped and murdered, and Ryan gets hung up on an electric fence!) The subject manner was pretty crazy and the cursed object was beyond creepy. I love how it played old big band music and then would cue in saying “And now the news...” Great villain and an even greater ending. I loved the last shot of the radio coming to life and Micki screaming and tossing the radio to Ryan.

I have made it my mission to try and locate a knock off radio almost exact to the one used in the episode. If anyone has ever seen one please let me know!

I'm sure I'll be pointing out other favorites of mine from this show, but this one episode stands out. For those who are new to this series check it out trust me you'll love it!

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