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Strangest cameo ever...Zach Galligan in Hellraiser III

Strangest cameo ever...Zach Galligan in Hellraiser III

I think it's pretty clear that Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time hold a very special place in my heart. I adore these movies and of course that means I'm a huge fans of leading actor Zach Galligan who is most famous for his role as Billy in the two Gremlin movies. If any Waxwork fans out there I have a bit of rare trivial for all of you. Director Anthony Hichox, who brought us Waxwork, and it's sequel Lost In Time also had a brief stint directing some horror sequels in the early 1990's.

Warlock II and Hellraiser III.

In both these movies Mr. Hichox brought back star Zach Galligan for cameos in both movies. Blink and you'll miss him!

The first one I think a lot of people know about in Warlock II. This very bizarre not so direct sequel isn't everyone's cup of tea. I'm a huge fan of the original and I liked this movie. It's about a warlock who is brought back during an eclipse to collect several stones to open up the gate of hell and release the devil himself. 

Zach plays Douglas (a nod to Waxwork II?) The very unlucky date of the woman who was forced to birth to Warlock in a very gruesome scene in her apartment during the eclipse. Zach plays her date that arrives a little too late with a bunch of flowers, only to have the warlock completely naked open the door and remark on how much he likes his suit. For the rest of the movie the warlock is seen wearing Zach's black suit. So I take it he killed and left Zack naked in the apartment. Interesting...very interesting...

The second cameo came in Hellraiser III, this one is the oddest of the two and the fastest. If it wasn't for my quick eyes re watching this, I wouldn't have ever noticed. Zach's body can be seen in the brutal aftermath of the club massacre that Pinhead crashed. Zach is seen for seriously a split second playing on a pool table impaled with a pool stick. 

Zach was said in an interview that he did both these cameos as a favor to Hichox and even in the early 1990's was rumored to have been in talks to make a Waxwork III, and another horror movie written by Anthony. Sadtly Waxwork III was scrapped (a basic storyline I guess is floating around the internet along with the teaser French poster, but I'm yet to stumble upon it. A script was written but never released.) As for the horror project I guess Zach didn't want to get typecast (…) and turned down the offer. It's funny though now with Zach doing conventions and about to star in the upcoming forth Hatchet movie, seems he is sorta a horror/cult star after all.

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