Tuesday, October 16, 2012

AMC Fearfest

AMC Fearfest 

Many people have questioned me in the past about why I love watching horror movies on TV. First off most of them are edited to hell, there's commercial breaks, and most likely I all ready own and have seen these movies a million times before.

Well it's weird to explain, maybe it's just my inner horror movie geek that just gushes to see that Friday the 13th or Pet Sematary on daytime TV. Maybe I'm just really lazy and I love the fact I don't have to hunt down a DVD and pop it in, instead there's a random selection of some really awesome classics playing nonstop for two weeks straight until Halloween. 

If you think about it horror in television is a pretty big deal. Some of the best shows on the air or that existed dealt with horror or supernatural elements. Some of the best movies are made for TV ones and back in the golden age of television some really awesome movies aired on cable (Dark Night Of The Scarecrow, The Midnight Hour, ect). I feel that more channels should do what AMC does. True they have been playing the same movies for years, but every year they seem to add something new. I love that they always try to honor Stephen King, and now their playing every single Friday the 13th movie. I think a lot of this extra amp for the horror love comes from their very popular show The Walking Dead

So another reason just to love this month is the great television. 

Thank you AMC, now you don't have to stay up until three in the morning on a Friday half drunk to catch maybe two episodes of Tales from The Crypt on Fear Friday.

Here is a link the the listing for this month for Fearfest!

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