Wednesday, September 12, 2012

HorrorHound merch run

HorrorHound Merch Run

Well the way I look at it is...if I'm going to be stuck in a car for 18 hours then I better get some sweet merch out of it! This year at HorrorHound I discovered some pretty awesome finds at this show. I'm a huge fan of buying things to get signed so it can have a little value in the future. Like I said in the last post I was bargain shopping and found some pretty awesome things. Here is a list of what I picked up. Woot! woot!

First was the movies. The thing I mostly get at these shows are films. My very good friend Jeanette got me the Jaws bluray which I just watched and loved. At the show itself I couldn't believe when I found The Mightnight Hour on VHS. This tape holds many awesome memories for me and found it for dirt cheap! At the bootleg table I picked up Rejuvenator, Ticks, Killer Party, and Home Sweet Home. I also picked up when I met Heather I am Nancy which is a great doc about the whole fan base of A nightmare On Elm Street. An awesome laser disk of Gremlins 2 which I was blown away to find.The last was an awesome bluray copy of Dark Knight Of The Scarecrow which the writer signed for me for only ten bucks!

The second were two very sick Gremlins figures I couldn't help but pass up on. One was for my sister. Love these little guys!
I mostly get my T-shirts from Fright Rags whenever I go to shows. Since they weren't here, I looked around and mostly got shirts for other people. The one shirt I did buy and keep for myself was this awesome shirt me and my friend Andy spotted
It has honestly been years since I've bought any action figures. I'm that guy who leaves them in the box and lets them collect dust hoping someday they will be worth something "Dork snort" anywho I've began getting the boxes of my figures signed and while I was at the show this weekend I came across these two little handsome bastards. The first is an Evil Dead II figure of a possessed Ash, and the second is an adorable figure of Tanman himself from Return Of The Living Dead. I hope someday in the future I can get some signed!
This was actually a freebee. The same place I bought my little Gremlin figures, the guy clearly saw what a fan I was and gave me these sweet 1984 original stickers still in the package. Woot! Woot!
I'm a huge fan of collecting magazines from the past. I think that's really why I love HorrorHound magazine so much. They cover all the classics. Way back when Fangoria was once awesome so whenever I get the chance I try to collect as many back issues as possible. Here I was able to pick up some great classics with some awesome covers along with this month's issue of HorrorHound which had a special Gremlins cover on it. Just look at how cute Zach Galligan looks!
At one point of the weekend I came across a table selling what appeared to be baseball cards for horror movies. I stacked up on them and here is a photo of just a couple of the ones I got. Some I opened, some I didn't. I got cards from Gremlins 1 and 2, T2, Robocop, and Army of Darkness. The opened cards I plan on sticking them in giftbags and care packages I'll send out in the future. So keep your eyes open, who knows you may get one!
My friend Mellisa drove all the way from Chicago to attend and work HorrorHound and with her she brought a very awesome and clever birthday gift for me. Here is the first season of Twin Peaks and trust me it's some serious smooth listening. 
This was believe it or not my first purchase of the weekend. Kristy Jett brought me and Andy over to Brian Dunn's table. Brian is a really great sculptor who does all this stuff on his own. These little babies were sorta his MadBalls knockoffs. This is one based off the Alien head that Andy and I bought. Jeanette's reaction when we showed her this was priceless. In fact I think her exact quote was "You guys aren't allowed to buy anything else."
This wasn't exactly a purchase, but a few weeks ago I bought a sick Aliens T-shirt off RIPT Apparel. Deciding I needed something clever for the cast to sign, I rocked this little baby and had everyone sign it. "Ah memories..."
This was my Intruder BluRay that I brought and I had Rob sign. Ah my heart flutters!
This was my favorite buy of the weekend. My good friend Chris of London 1888 is seriously one of the best artist around. If you know me or have seen me you'll probably see me wearing hissick Evil Dead II shirt. While swinging by to say hi I noticed this gorgeous print of his from the movie that I guess he's even given copies to Ted and Sam Raimi! Of course I just had to have one and I guess I bought mine just in time, there was only 3 left!
 This wasn't something I bought. In fact while watching one of the tables this weekend Mellisa nearly made me piss my pants when she walked over saying she had something for me and handed me this little gem. Oh Michael Biehn...I seriously have no words about this poster but I'm keeping it! And look! My alien head is weighing it down! All ready coming to good use!


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  1. Great pickups! I need to get one of those madball heads!