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Horror Hound 2012 Recap

Horror Hound 2012 Recap

Well after 18 straight hours back and forth in the car, I have finally made my way back from Indianapolis to share the tale of my 4th show staffing at HorrorHound Weekend. 

Sadly this past spring I missed my first HorrorHound show since I first started to staff it way back in November of 2010 when I was out in PA going to school. HorrorHound has slowly become my all time favoirte convention, not only is the guest line up always beyond insane, the staff and people behind it are like family and you always end up leaving with a huge smile on your face from what a great time you had. I also must say is is the friendliest, most organized, and most welcoming show around. The sadly only downfall of this awesome convention is the fact that it's always mostly held in either Indianapolis or Ohio, which is one HELL of a ride for me. 

This September me and my usual friends who have been helping out at the past shows, set this weekend up and before I knew it I was squished in the back seat of a car watching those fields and farm land unroll before me. Over, and over and over and over again.

What made this show so special was the fact it was both a T2 and Aliens reunion. Now let me just say here how important of a film T2 was to me growing up. I was that odd little child who didn't exactly like kids movies. Instead I was raised right and watched all the classics, and around age 4/5 my favorite was T2. I know, a very odd movie for a little girl ...yet I adored it. Looking back I can't thank my parents enough, mostly my mother for showing me such an amazing movie which in my mind next to Aliens is one of the best sequels ever made. 

Of course I love Aliens (one of my all time favorite movies that I can quote from beginning to end) so even though I wasn't thrilled about making the haul out there, I knew I wanted to first see my good HorrorHound friends, and second meet the casts of two of my all time favorite movies. So here's a few photographs of who I met and the next post will show the loot I got from this past weekend, which I'm very proud to say I bargained shopped. Who said you can't geek out and not get a ton of junk on a budget? Wildcard bitches!

The first person I met was on Saturday was Michael Biehn. Sadly Michael had to leave early this weekend so Mellisa, Andy, and myself hurried to his line once our shift was over. One thing that stunned me was the fact how long Micheal's line was earlier in the day while I staffed it. I met Michael back in 2008 with my mother and I remember there wasn't anybody at all at his table. I guess it truly depends on what show you're at and when you're at it. I think why Micheal's line was so long was because he was here this weekend at one day. Michael was packing up with his very friendly wife Jennifer when we came over and just in time was able to get our stuff signed. I bought a very awesome Aliens T-shirt for the whole cast to sign and had Michael sign it. He was beyond very nice and so wasn't his wife. This sorta was a big deal to me since back in grade school I had the biggest crush on him. "Sigh..."

After three nights of some very awesome drinks and being with some very awesome people, Sunday came before we knew it. This was the day we did our last shift and met everyone who we wanted to sign stuff before heading out and going our separate ways.

The next person I met was Robert Kurtzman from KNB. Robert has been in the makeup business for years and have worked on some classics such as Evil Dead II, Intruder, From Dusk Till Dawn, and even such new up coming movies like Oz The Great And The Powerful. Just this past year Robert has opened up his own makeup school in Ohio and it kills me to know I missed out on going to what seems like such an awesome place. Then again one never knows what the future brings so me and my friend Andy asked him and his friend Al all about the school and vented a little before I finally asked the burning question I had been dying to ask "Was that really Sam Raimi on the hook in Intruder when Jennifer Ross slams his body against the freezer door with the meat hook." Robert said of course it was him since they had such a small budget and that it was simply just a harness and a fake hook fit underneath his chin where he placed all his extra weight. Robert was kind enough to sign my bluray of DVD and left me feeling pretty good knowing such a kind and talented man is working in such a business. Way to go man, you rock.

The next person we met was Heather Langenkamp. I've met Heather before and really don't have much to say about her. She seems nice enough but eh...whatever. I still do love A Nightmare On Elm Street, and the character of Nancy herself, so I ended up getting an old school VHS of Nightmare signed ad had Andy take a photo with her. 

After that I moved on down the line to meet Amanda Wyss. I've met Amanda and she's VERY sweet in person. At the show I brought two very rare VHS tapes of To Die For and To Die For II Son Of Darkness. She was blown away since I guess she's been looking for these movies for some time now. She even went so far to give me her email address in trying to find out where she could find a copy. A very nice humble and gorgeous woman who deserves more props.

I moved on down the line to the Aliens people. All were very nice and were more than happy to sign my shirt but the nicest had to be Ricco Ross who played Frost. He was such a nice guy and was way taller than I remembered!

After that me and Melissa had the very wonderful pleasure of meeting Mr. Pimp himself Ken Foree. The day before I was stationed next to Ken and had some pretty awesome conversations with that man. I also got a very sexy photo signed by him which he claimed showed how sexy he was. I agree.
The Next was meeting was with Timothy Balme from Dead Alive, which this is his first real convention in the states ever. Timothy looked amazing and was very humble. I got an autograph from him for some friends of mine and watched Melissa take an adorable photo wearing his vest he wore in the original movie.
The next meeting was what really made the whole trip worth it and that was meeting  Linda Hamilton. This woman was such a big part of my childhood from being in T2. I couldn't have been any happier with how she was in person. I told her that I had drove from Boston and she seriously started to tear up. She was a very sweet woman who gave me hugs and seriously was the nicest person I've ever met.
After meeting Linda I moved onto Danny Cooksey. Danny was sorta a big actor in my childhood first for having a bit part in T2 and second being on the classic Salute Your Shorts, one of the funnier shows that ran when I was a kid. Danny was a very humble and sweet guy who pretty mch looks exactly the same. Had him sign the same T2 VHS I had Linda sign. 
AND...this was when my childhood truly shit the bed. Next in the T2 line up was Mr. Edward Furlong. Edward was a pretty cute kid when he was in such classics as T2, Brainscan, and Pet Sematary II. On further role he moved onto in adulthood which I also enjoyed was Detroit Rock City. Knowing I had to get his autograph for my tape I couldn't help but fear my childhood memories were going to crash and burn. Walking up to his table, Edward looked...well pretty fucked up. He seemed very out of it and was rocking a pretty awesome ponytail. Right before we walked over he was taking a photo with Peter Kent who was the stunt double on T2 and was making the jerking off gesture with his hand = Classy stuff. My overall experience meeting him was very bizarre. He was friendly enough to sign my things, but made a comment about his 8x10 from The Crow saying he looked like a weird lesbian...I nearly died. Sad to see how a child star can honestly fall from grace. But what else do you expect from a child who's parents were supposed to be Linda Hamiton and Michael Beihn. 
I then met Peter Kent, and Lance Henriksen. Both were beyond very nice and then I moved into meeting Don Opper who played Charlie in the Critter series. If anyone knows we they know how much I love those films, mostly the original. Even though my heart belongs to Terrence Mann who played Johnny Steel, I always did love how Don looked as the bounty hunter. I brought him two tapes, the original Critters, and a little movie he did in the 80's called City Limits. I told Don how me and a few people from school loved him and he was very sweet. Oh memories...
After that I met the monsters from The Monster Squad. I met the cast a couple of years ago in NJ, but sadly missed out on meeting a couple of the monsters. Here was my chance. Everyone was very sweet and my favorite was Tom Noonan. Believe it or not I'm not a huge fan of Tom in that movie. The film I love best with him in it is Manhunter. I guess this weekend Tom wasn't exactly thrilled signing for staff but was really nice to me when I came over. I told him how much I loved him in Manhunter and he really warmed up and took this photo with me. My heart just flutters at this.
Next I met the Chiodo brothers who also put their five cents about school. They seemed really nice and had a good laugh with me over me making my own Critter. They were truly awesome guys. Last but not least was Mr. Robby Kiger who played Patrick from The Monster Squad. 
Friday night when we were all down in the lobby drinking a very...well messed up Robby came stumbling over and spotted the keg me and my friend Andy had pretty much killed. Demanding a keg stand, our friend Steve held his legs as he made a very sloppy half attempt to do a keg stand and I watched my childhood completely take a shit everywhere. After doing the stand, he fell over on my friend Kristy. Classy stuff. My meeting with Robby was very fast and eh...let's just say Ryan Lambert is a MUCH more class act. Realtalk
 Well that was it guest wise. Next post will be about all the loot I picked up. Despite the VERY long drive, I did have a great time and I have a feeling I'll be back in March. Wildcard bitches!

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