Thursday, September 13, 2012

Review - Rejuvenator

Review - Rejuvenator
Year - 1988
Directed by - Brian Thomas Jones
PLOT - A rich actress who has gotten too old for leading roles employs a scientist who is working on a formula for eternal youth. The formula involves withdrawing certain fluids from the human brain. She takes the serum, but its unforseen side effects turn her into a murderous monster
LOWDOWN - I first heard of Rejuvenator earlier this year when a friend of mine came over to show me the goriest tapes they had. I was able to pick from a few titles he had and this one caught my eye. After a few beers I was completely blown away by how underrated this little hidden gem was. First off I really have to hand it to this movie for having such a brilliant storyline. I loved how desperate this aging actress was to try to hold onto her youth and how quickly the experiment goes from a brilliant breakthrough, to a complete bloody massacre. With the budget they had and the time of the decade it was released, I think this movie underneath all the gore really was a very well written movie. The characters had depth, and I loved the huge ground breaking ending. If you're ever looking for a complete tragic story of one trying to hold onto beauty and youth this is it. Scary to think how far somebody would go to hold onto it. Besides being a little dated, and more than a few cheesy moment, I think this is one of the best and most original horror movies I've seen in a very long time. The biggest thing about this film is the makeup effects. Ed French who I'm a huge fan of was the man behind this dripping melting, gooey effects and they really are the thing that shines the most. So if you're ever looking for a great movie with even greater effects come check out this gem, trust me it's well worth it!

Four Stars!

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