Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best opening in a horror movie part 2

Best Opening In A Horror Movie Part 2

As promised, I knew I just couldn't do one list for some of my all time favorite opening in a horror movie. I'm sure there's going to be a part three to follow, but this is the second half to my favorite opening in a horror movie.

Halloween II
 I'm a huge fan of sequels that take place just moments where the first one left one. Halloween II pulls this off brilliantly. I love Loomis looking at where Michael laid dead just moments ago when the next door neighbor calls out and remarks that he hopes all this racket isn't some kind of joke. That he's been trick and treated to death. I love how Loomis just stares at him and says the famous line "You don't know what death is!" before taking off running. The music cue seriously gives me hills every time.

This is a very underrated sequel in the Halloween series. I love how "Mr. Sandman" plays, reminding us of Halloween II, and a large butcher knife plunging into a pumpkin. What screams Halloween more than plunging knifes into pumpkins around small children? We follow Nurse Chambers, who we haven't seen since the two original films and get to also get sight of a very young and adorable Joseph Gordon Levitt long before he was walking on ceilings and teaming up with Batman. For fifteen minutes the audience is in total suspense as Mr. Myers kicks ass and takes names. I LOVE the whole credit montage after everything with Loomis' voice over showing all the clippings of Micheal's bloody trail. Brilliant, simply brilliant. 

Nothing kicks off a movie with big band music playing loudly and somebody getting their head shoved in a fireplace. I love this movie's theme (you can download it on I-tunes) just the whole credits over the fireplace, very simple but a very awesome way to kick off one of my all time favorite movies.

As many would know, I'm head over heels in love with this movie. I love the sound of the engine and then the opening in the 1950's assembly line. Bad To The Bone loudly playing (trust me this song only fully works to effect in this movie and in T2) I love how you get to see Christine's first taste of blood before we jump ahead to the 1970's.

Oh perfect you are, let me count the ways...I love the very awesome and harsh opening where Tom Atkins acts like a complete dick to Stephen King's son. I love the music and of course the very handsome creep hanging out the window before it transforms into the comic book world. Very creepy and MUCH better than the sequel's opening.

Trick R Treat
I really liked Trick R Treat. In fact I can't find my DVD so I'm pretty pissed. I love the opening in the yard and it really kick starts what sort of movie the audience is getting into. Very old school and reminds me of Creepshow. Also can we take a moment to talk about how adorable Sam is! Ahhhh I just wanna squeeze him!

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