Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Top episodes from Tales From The Crypt

Top episodes from Tales From The Crypt
I don't care who you are, nearly everyone on the planet has seen or at least watched a few minutes of a Tales From The Crypt episode. Based off the classic comic books, and then the super creepy 1970's films, Tales From The Crypt was a balls to the walls 7 season thrill ride starring nearly everyone and their mother. It features some amazing actors, directors, effects, and haunting story lines that I'm sure is a big part of many childhoods. All 7 seasons are are now on DVD, and selling for pretty cheap. If you're a horror fan these are a must have. Also if you're a painter or a sculptor these make great background noise while you're working. So here is my list of my all time favorite episodes ever. 

And All Through The House
Cutting Cards

The Thing From The Grave

Four-Sides Triangle

Judy You're Not Yourself Today

Lower Berth

Television Terror

The Secret

Top Billing

Easel Kill Ya

Mourning' Mess

Split Second

What's Cookin'

The New Arrival

Strung Along

Werewolf Cancerto

Death Of Some Salesmen

Revenge Is Nuts

Staired In Horror

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