Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lords Of Salem trailer

Lords Of Salem trailer!

Okay so I must be the last person on the planet to have stumbled upon this leaked trailer, but I was totally blown away. Now I'm not the biggest Rob Zombie fan out there. I was never really into his music even though I think it's okay, and as for his movies the only one I really did love was The Devil's Rejects. I enjoyed House Of 1000 Corpses more visualy than anything else. It was over the top and felt more like a remake for The Funhouse, which I'm still convinced Mr. Zombie should handle. Rejects I think was the perfect sequel. It did something few have done and that's made you terrified yet still root for the villains. I thought Zombie's different direction to a more gritty Western was amazing and that showdown at the end still gives me chills! As for the two Halloween remakes...


I adore the original Halloween and it's sequel. I mean who honestly tries to fuck or redo what John Carpenter has done so perfectly? I do have fond memories going to see the first remake back in 2007 since it was released on my birthday and I went with my mother who welcomed me to the original series when I was just a kid. The remake is good for what it is. First you can tell it's a Rob Zombie movie just seconds into it, and it was filled with flaws. I'm sorry as much as I love his wife I think she was miscast in this. It did have it's moments and I did love all the cameos from some famous faces in the horror world + gotta love that ending. H2 on the other hand...what a mess. Zombie honestly had such a chance to make a great horror movie and he screwed the pooch. I did though enjoy his Grandhouse trailer. is the trailer for Lords Of Salem, which was filmed in Salem MA which is just a half an hour away from me. Rob Zombie knows his stuff since he's from MA and his hometown is just a town over from me. I'm very interested in this movie and have high hopes. Please Mr. Zombie, please go back to your roots and make a kick ass horror movie!

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