Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hottie of horror

Hottie Of Horror

John D LeMay

I really can't explain it when it comes to Mr. LeMay, but I just love him. 

Growing up I couldn't help but adore the very guilty pleasure train wreck...otherwise known as Jason Goes To Hell. I think it was because of two main reasons. One being the very amazing and shocking ending when a certian claw gloved hand reached up snatching Jason's mask, and of course John D LeMay going one on one with our favorite hockey mask wearing killer. "Sigh..."

A couple of years back I discovered Friday the 13th the series and was hooked nearly instantly. I'll admit that besides maybe three episodes, I haven't even bothered in watching the third season since John isn't in it. I just loved his character Ryan Dallion and by showing how much of a crazed fan I am, I named one of my dogs Dallion in honor of him. John didn't really have much of a career, but he will forever be cemented in my heart as playing the fun lovable art school dropout who fought beside his cousin to hunt down cursed antiques by the devil. I'm still yet to meet John at a convention since he hasn't done many. In fact when plans fell through last summer for me to meet him at Monster Mania, my heart broke. I honestly can't even begin to say how star struck I'll be when that time finally comes. Until then, John I love ya! I will and forever be your #1 fan!

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