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Best underrated horror love stories

    Best underrated horror love stories

Deep down inside despite who you are, everyone and I mean everyone loves a good love story. Now I don't mean the romantic comedy trash that's been being pumped out the last fifteen or so years. I'm talking love stories that are truly underrated and not typicaly looked at that way due to the movie their in. Here is a list of some love stories I've noticed and loved in some beautiful horror and thrillers. Now of course there's some classics everyone first thinks of...but these are the ones I think are most often overlooked. Trust me, some of these you'll never look at the same way again. So grab your box of chocolates, tissues, and read my list of the best underrated horror love stories of all time.

    - Yes, a lot of people do see the tragic love story that's very obvious in this stunning Shakespeare like tale. Candyman and Helen were two Hell crossed lovers that had to be destroyed to each their true faith. And was always you Helen... 

    The Hitcher

    - This may be the biggest head scratcher on the list for many people. I on the other hand think this is the most important. I plan on doing a whole post about this film and my many theories. Many have seen the homosexual undertones of this movie, and many have pointed out that it was a very twisted love story between Jim and John Ryder. Go figure.


    - Yet another tragic love story, like so many on this list. But what sets this apart from all the others is the first fact that it's a story of boy meets car, and that yes three people are involved in this love triangle, but there's also an automobile lurking in the shadows. Christine tells the story of what love can do to a person when their overtaken by it. How it can become an obsession, and destroy.

    My Bloody Valentine

    - A wonderful love triangle in the middle of one of the best slashers of all time. Also source of the most creepy ending line of all time “Sara...will you be my bloody valentine?”

    My Bloody Valentine 3D

    - Another reason why I love this remake is because they kept the original love story still in tact. You can't help but sympathize with the Tom character...but come on ladies it's Jensen Ackles we're talking about.

    The Fan

    No, this isn't The Fan you're thinking about that was made in the 1990's with the baseball player. This was the original which is a very underrated movie about obsession taken too far. Also where else are you going to see Michael Biehn stalking a MUCH older Lauren Bacall. 

    Deadly Friend 

    - This is one of my favorites. An updated 1980's version of Frankenstein. Wes Craven took a very tragic love story and twisted it for the modem age. In fact I would go so far to say Paul and Samantha are one of my all time favorite horror couples. idea for a future post? Maybe...


    - Wes Craven strikes again. Believe it or not I didn't think the love story in this really shinned through as much as it could have besides the sorta cheesy outline of a heart in the stars at the end (really wtf was up with that?) I found the idea of love going beyond the grave and having power against evil very interesting. I also loved the scene where Jonathan is swimming the the mist covered lake in his dream and Alison comes plowing through the water calling for him with open arms. Creepy...

    Silently Night Deadly Night III

    Not a love story you say? Bullshit! Ricky is an unstoppable force that will do anything to get to Laura. The one and only girl who has helped him escape his prison of a mind. There were a few creepy and touching moments between the two...of course before all the screaming and chopping began.

    Return Of The Living Dead III

    - Didn't you listen to Stephen King? Sometimes dead is better! This is a tragic tale of a young boy unable to let go of a girl he loves when she's taken too soon from him. It also shows that interesting places you can put barb wire and glass!

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