Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Gotta love getting packages in the mail!

My very good friend Melissa from Chicago just sent me this AMAZING package in the mail. Melissa and I met at the Savini school back in early 2010 and quickly became fast friends. Since graduating we've been able to see each other only once when we both worked a Supernatural convention show in Chicago this fall. Since then we've sent each other car packages from time to time. This little surprise was waiting for me when I came home this evening and boy was I thrilled. Melissa you're the best! These are some of the treats that I received!

     1). My Bloody Valentine screen prints made by Melissa herself!
    2). Supernatural season 2 book
    3). Supernatural Brothers T-shirt
    4). Jason victim T-shirt
    5). Sunglasses I left behind
    6). My Bloody Valentine on VHS
    7). The Hills Have Eyes VHS
    8). Ice Cteam Man VHS
    9). Dead Alive VHS
    11). Silently Night Deadly Night VHS
    12). Elvis and Rick Springfield postcards
    13). A signed Crispin Glover book!!!

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