Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Review of the week...Bloodrage

Review of the week...

Bloodrage (1987)

PLOT- Two identical twin boys Terry and Todd are taken to the drive-in one night by their mother and her boyfriend in Southern Florida. Thinking the boys are asleep an hour or so later the mother begins to make out with her boyfriend as the two boys awake and silently sneak out of the back of the car. Wandering around they come across a car where two teenagers are in the backseat having sex. Terry grabs a small ax and attacks the couple, brutally butchering the young man while his terrifed naked girlfriend runs out screaming. Crowds begin to hurry over and Terry thinks fast. Putting the ax in a very stunned Todd's hand, he smears blood on him and stands back pointing the finger to his brother, calming he did it. Todd who's clearly in shock sinks into a catatonic state. 

Ten years have passed and Todd has been committed and is slowly starting to break out of the shell he's been trapped on ever since that faithful night. It's right before Thanksgiving and his mother visits him, clearly creeped out by her son. His therapist believes he honestly didn't murder that man all those years ago but his mother who's very on edge herself, refuses to hear the truth and hurries home to the small gated community where her and Terry now live. 

At their Thanksgiving meal, she announced that her and her boyfriend are engaged to get married in front of all their friends. This of course snaps a wire in Terry and shortly after the news that Todd has escaped fills the house with worry. Feeling he has the perfect excuse to start murdering again, Terry goes on a rampage that night and carves up more things than just the turkey!

Low Down – I first watched this gem when my friend Nate came over. Every once in awhile we show each other lost titles on tape since we both have a passion for collecting VHS. I was first struck by how very cool the cover art looked and how quickly the movie jumped into action. Also it brought a huge smile to my face when I saw a quick cameo from Ted Riami as a condom salesman in the bathroom of the drive-in during the beginning. Sure this movie has it's flaws. It's very low budget and has been seen under the title of Nightmare At Shadow Woods. Yet, I would say this is one of the most underrated slashers of the 1980's because first the storyline is pretty solid, and the AMAZING brutal Ed French effects makes this movie worthwhile. I was on the edge of my seat the whole movie, and loved the ending. Great score, and I pray it can be released again on DVD.

Four Stars!

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