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Top 7 Carpenter movies

Top Five John Carpenter Movies

After my husband Sam Raimi, John Carpenter is my favorite director. In the late 1970's and 1980's he totally rocked one classic after another after another. This man was responsible for bringing us the ever so famous Michael Myers, and out of this world action, horror, comedy, and thrillers. Here is my list of my top five favorite Carpenter movies of all time!

  • I know people may be stunned that Halloween didn't make number one. The honest truth is, I adore Christine it's honestly one of my all time favorite movies. This is a haunting tragic love story about obsession. When two master minds of horror like Carpenter and King team up, you just know there's going to be sparks.

    Escape From New York 
  • This was a really tough call since it was a toss up between this and They Live for this spot but Escape holds close to my heart. It showed that Carpenter could do more than just horror. That his mind was very ahead of it's time and showed up a very scary future. I love everything about this movie, most of all the very fitting and kick ass ending and score. Yes I like the tongue-in-cheek sequel Escape From LA, but the original still holds up in my eyes. If it wasn't for this movie I believe a lot of future movies wouldn't have gotten made.

The Fog
  • After Carpenter cemented his title as horror master two years previous with Halloween, he took terror to a whole new level with his amazing ghost story The Fog. Taking his last leading lady Jamie Lee Curtis, and then wife the ever so beautiful Adriene Barbeau. This movie had an amazing cast such as Tom Atkins, Jamie Lee's mother and horror icon Janet Leigh, and Hal Holbrook. If you ever want a creepy tale of sea side terror, this is it. A beautiful score, and a very amazing story.

  • Does this movie need any introduction? It truly in my eyes began the slasher craze. This was back when horror movies had class, and elegance. A simple tale of a young boy who went totally insane one night and butchered his sister. Sent away to a mental hospital for many years, one faithful night he escapes to return to his old neighborhood, just in time for the Halloween holiday. His doctor, who has looked after him for many years knows the unstoppable force that's about to hit this sleepy little town, and all the young babysitters just waiting to get hacked and slashed. A classic, and one of the first horror movies my mother showed me when I was a kid.

Prince Of Darkness
  • This in my eyes is one of Carpenter's most underrated movies of all time, and honestly one of his best. This strange surreal religious/sci-fi horror tale goes beyond anyone's imagination. With stunning visual effects, a beautiful score, and an even better story-line that slowly builds to the very powerful ending, I often wonder why this movie doesn't get as much love as it deserves?

The Thing
  • Ever want to see pure perfection? Go watch The Thing. Honestly everything about this movie is perfect. The isolated setting, the all male cast, the building slow tension, the mind blowing effects, and suspense, and best of all the best ending line of all time.

    They Live 
  • Believe it or not it took years for They Live to finally grow on me. This was when Carpenter was beginning to end his very wild ride through the 1980's This over the top action sci-fi thriller goes balls to the walls in every shape way and form. I love the political undertones, the twenty minute fight scene, and best of all the most chuckable ending shot of all time.

Yes I did mainly name most of Carpenter's more popular best known movies. I am a big fan of Big Trouble In Little China, and Village Of The Damned. These were my top seven picks for anyone who wants to check his work out. I love his range and how most of these took place in the magical 1980's. If you ever want just a taste of Carpenter's fun, check out the first segment of Body Bags, you'll never want to stop at a gas station again!

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