Thursday, July 5, 2012

Friday the 13th the series

Top 13 episodes of Friday The 13th The Series

Back in the late 1980's, Camp Crystal Lake had turned into pretty much the worst possible vacation spot ever. A little guy named Jason was hacking his way through the teenage population and the slasher boom was slowly and very painfully dying. In the late 1980's, two very popular horror franchises were given the attempt of new life in the form of television series. One being Freddy's Nightmares, based off the Nightmare On Elm Street films. The second and first came in the form of Friday the 13th the series. Which unlike Freddy's Nightmares, had nothing to do with the film's main villain. This show has been up for debate for many years. Fans either love or hate it because there's no hockey mask in sight. I meanwhile think this show blew Mr. Krueger's little gig way out of the water. The show created in 1987 told the story of three people hunting down cursed antiques made by the devil. Sounds boring? Trust's not.

Micki and Ryan are two distant cousins who meet up after the death of their Uncle Lewis. Inheriting his antique shop, the two decide to go ahead and sell everything as quickly as possible and rid themselves of this failing business. It isn't long before the two receive a very unexpected visitor named Jack. An old business partner of their Uncle's who warn them that their dealing with something far beyond any person's imagination. It seems their Uncle struck a deal with the devil in which every object in his store was cursed to bring nothing but death and mayhem. Their Uncle decided to go back on the deal and was killed and his soul was sent straight to Hell. Now it's up to Micki, Ryan, and Jack to track down all the objects before any more blood is spilled.

There are themes of murder, rape, abortion, crime, and devil worshiping. For television despite the budget at times and late 80's fashion, was very well produced and could be pretty intense and scary at times. This show even killed their main leads off once or twice and even had an episode directed by Mr. David Cronenberg. The cousins deal with zombies, witches, werewolf’s, vampires, haunted puppets, and ghouls. Eat your heart out True Blood!

The show lasted three seasons but sadly was canceled due to poor ratings after lead John D LeMay exited the show in the beginning of the third season. I discovered this show after watching reruns about four years ago. I'm such a fan o the show that I named two of my dogs after the two lead characters. Here is my top 13 picks for the best episodes in the series!

A Cup Of Time

Double Exposure

Badge Of Honor

What A Mother Wouldn't Do

Doorway To Hell

And Now The News

Tails I Live, Heads You Die

Wax Magic

Read My Lips

Coven Of Darkness

The Playhouse

Mesmer's Bauble

The Prophecies part 1


  1. Ya know I never got into the show but I've really been meaning to give it another chance. And I think that this review has inspired me. Good work.

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