Thursday, July 5, 2012

Best horror cameos part I

Best horror cameos 
Part 1

1). Sam Raimi - Body Bags. 
1993's Body Bags was the mecca of horror cameos. In just the first story/segment we're treated to such familiar faces such as Wes Craven, Robert Carradine, Peter Jason, George 'Buck' Flower, and David Naughton. The cameo I enjoy best though is pretty obvious...Sam Raimi. Sam plays the very unfortunate gas station worker that we first notice in a very amazing framed photo on the garage office desk. Later poor Sammy falls out of a locker onto our main character! That's when you really outta worry...if somebody is crazy enough to do away with madman better run!

2). Bruce Campbell - Darkman
I have many fond memories watching Darkman as a kid. Sam Raimi knew Liam Neeson long before all this Taken bullshit. In his dark telling of a disfigured scientist, you could tell Sam's love and passion for underrated heroes thirteen or so years before a certian web throwing guy broke box office records. Years later I stumbled upon my VHS copy of this gem and decided to give it a re-watch. I loved every second of it and what truly made the movie for me was the last few seconds of the film. You knew just then 100% that this was a Sam Raimi movie. Our good friend Bruce shows up right before the screen goes black. Playing Darkman in the crowded street with his new face on. = Magic!

3) Chris Sarandon - Fright Night 2011
Ehhhhhhhh...I really have nothing good to say about this movie. I mean sure it had it's moments but really what a way to sum up what a peice of shit remakes are. They honestly could have done so many things with this movie it isn't even funny. My childhood was ruined. The one highlight though was in a car chasing scene when a very familiar face pops up. Oh Jerry...where's Charlie?

4) Emma Bell - Hatchet II
It took me a while to finally watch both Hatchet II and Frozen. In fact I watched Hatchet II first and was very amazed. Talk about gore! One thing I didn't notice at first viewing was the little cameo by Emma Bell's character in Frozen. Adam Green's masterpiece in my mind. Shortly after I decided to finally take the plunge (no pun intended) and watch Frozen. I was blown away. Never before had I felt so nervous watching a movie. It only makes me gain further respect for Mr. Green for linking this two movies and having them take place in the same world. Also it doesn't hurt the man is from Boston...

5) Steve Johnson and Linnea Quigley - Innocent Blood
I discovered Innocent Blood when Jerry my makeup instructor told me if I wanted to watch a really fun vampire movie with amazing effects to watch Innocent Blood. Shortly after I watched it and was very impressed. For the 1990's, this wasn't bad at all. I can see how this movie isn't for everyone, and not exactly the comeback to horror I expected from Mr Lainds, still it was plenty of fun with lots of horror cameos. My favorite of course being Sam Raimi as the butcher, BUT... besides that here are two cameos that are very well under looked. The master behind all these amazing effects (mostly the practical contact lenses) was Steve Johnson. Steve honestly is the most brilliant effects artist out there. He ruled for so many years and seems like the rock star of the business. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year and trust me this man rocks. Back in the late 1980's Steve showed he honestly was the most bad ass thing in the world of horror when he married B movie actress Linnea Quigley when they met on Night Of The Demons. Even though the marriage didn't last I just love footage of these two back in the late 80's and early 90's. Talk about the most interesting and coolest couple ever. In the scene where Don Rickles awakes in the hospital and begins to attack everyone an orderly rushes in and is no other than Steve himself. Moments later a very pretty nurse comes in to hold Mr. Rickles down only to have his arm rip off in her hands. A very intense but funny scene and even more awesome to see these two on the big screen together!

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