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Favorite horror items part 1

Favorite horror items part 1

I think it goes hand in hand when your a horror movie fan that you have to have at least several cool items in what you call your collection. Let them be old school VHS tapes, ticket stubs, original posters, or very awesome action figures that are still in the box. Call us nerds, but it's something we're all proud of. Honestly horror is one of the few genes that you have just a vast rage of things to collect and buy. Let them be just to display, sell, or get autographed. These items are a huge reason why we love to collect and go to horror conventions.

I sadly packed up most of my collection and stored it away in my attic since my office had begun to overflow. I did keep several of my real favorite items downstairs and here is a brief glimpse at the first list of some of my favorite and post prized pieces of my collection.

Nightmare On Elm Street Nike sneakers

  • I snagged these little babies a couple years ago as a birthday gift to myself. I was heading in to Cherry Hill for Monster Mania and noticed they had a pretty impressive line-up with most of the Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master cast. Part four holds a very close place in my heart. It was released the same year/month I was born in and besides the original is my favorite entry in the series. It took Freddy in a whole new level and his death in it couldn't be topped. I tracked these little suckers off Ebay and bought them for a pretty good price. I guess Nike had planned on releasing a whole horror theme series for their sneakers but due to licensing they had never got released. I have nearly twenty autographs from cast members from all eight films sign them. Every time there's a convention I'm attending and there's a person from the Elm Street movies I haven't met, I always bring my little prized shoes to get signed. They are definitely a conversation piece and everyone who' signed them is always very impressed to see the condition their in. Amanda Wyss was so nervous handling them she kept telling me she was afraid she was going to misspell her own name! I do plan one day maybe selling these suckers, but until then I plan on trying to get every person in the film's alive to sign them.
    Fright Night original VHS tape with signed cover.

  • This tape is very special to me since it belonged to my mother and during my childhood was viewed at least a million times. Sure it's a little aged and beaten up, but that didn't stop me from getting it signed by the cast. I still have a few names missing, but the next chance I get I'm getting this baby covered. Chris Sarandon couldn't believe I still had my copy and that it still worked. Oh I love thee...

Phantasm II original VHS

  • I picked this up at an old Mom and Pop video store shortly before it closed I think back in either 2000 or 2001. I love the Phantasm series in fact the first film I watched in this epic saga was part II. With so many happy memories of renting this, I found it for sale still wrapped up in it's packaging. Safe to say I made sure it had a nice new home. What warms my heart the most is it still has the little green Horror sticker on it! “sigh...”

Jason Goes To Hell comic book set

  • Love it or hate it...Jason Goes To Hell is never gong to go away. I personally love this movie and I'm a huge fan of the early films. I guess it's because they took such an out of this world idea and made it work in a very amusing and cheesy way. Also it doesn't hurt that John D LeMay kicks Jason's ass...and in my eyes had one of the most bad ass amazing endings to ever grace the silver screen. Come on people who didn't scream at the top of their lungs as a kid when they saw that hockey mask get dragged under the ground? I picked up three very cool comic books a couple of years ago that are based off this movie. The first cover glows in the dark, and the artwork is pretty impressive. A must have for any true fan of this guilty pleasure movie.

My Bloody Valentine 3D sign.

  • While going to school in PA I learned one of my instructors worked on the My Bloody Valentine remake. Now the original MBV is very special to me and one of my favorite slashers. I was very surprised to find myself happy with the remake and thought it was by far one of the best reboots to come out in the last ten or so years. Finding out that most of the location shooting just took place an hour or so from my school, me and my best friend took the journey out there in the dead of winter to investigate the town. Kittanning PA is a very pretty town that's been used in several films. Walking in knee high snow to one of the mines that they used for shooting, I stumbled across this old wooden sign. Now...I'm not gonna say that I stole it, but it was “broken” and the entire place was shut down for the season. I decided to do these people a favor and dispose of this dangerous piece of wood and maybe...just maybe it found itself in the trunk of the car. Maybe...

Halloween 20th anniversary snow globe.

  • Oh this snow globe holds many speical memories for me. Bought back in 1998 in a very awesome box set with the original film on tape, I remember me and my mother calling the store where we bought it and asking why the movie had two black lines on the top and bottom of the screen. Yep...that's right no idea what wide screen was. This very cool item was released right before H20 came out in theaters. This snow globe shows the scene where Jamie Lee Curtis is hiding beside the couch right before she stabs Michael in the neck with one of her knitting needles. “Ouch!” Sadly the Michael figure is broken off and laying behind the couch now. It seems that my older sister had a habit of picking up my things and dropping them. Trust me...I've been planning for murder for this for years.

    Matchbox Freddy pull-string doll

  • I'm sure plenty of people recognize this little handsome bastard. Yep that's right in the mid 1980's when Freddy Maina was on an all time high, Matchbox decided it was a great idea to release a Freddy doll for kids to enjoy while slumbering in their beds. Sadly these didn't have much shelf life since a protest became known that parents believed this doll was deemed “too scary” for children and were recalled. I on the other hand was very lucky to own two of these. One that as a child I just had to play with, and the other who rests still comfortably in his box.

The Strangers masks

  • When asked what my biggest fear is the answer never changes. Home invasion. I seriously have nightmares of people coming in the middle of the night and breaking into my house. Of course I was smart enough to go see The Strangers when it was first released back in 2008. That following Autumn at Rock & Shock I noticed a few promo items laying around and grabbed me a couple of doll masks that are based off the movie. Terrifying...

Fright Night comic book

  • I was surprised to learn that Fright Night had a comic book series back in the day. I guess there's even a few issues that show the return of Evil Ed. Two years ago at Horror Hound I was only lucky enough to dig out one. The storyline is pretty cool and so isn't the artwork. I'm still keeping my eyes open for any other issues I can find in the future.

A Nightmare On Elm Street the board game

  • As a child I was scared to death of A Nightmare On Elm Street. Like seriously one of the whole reasons I began watching horror movies was to get over my fear of them. The way I looked at it was if I watched them over and over again...then I would know what to expect. As a child my mother (who was the coolest person on the planet) tried everything to get me over this fear after watching the original. When I was four or five she bought me some sort of Freddy board game to show me that he wasn't real (awesome right?) I remember it had teenagers as the playing pieces and it looked like the board took place in Freddy's house? I still gotta do my research and find out exactly what this game was. Sadly I was a stupid child and lost the entire game. When I was eleven or so I couldn't stop shutting up about how much I regretted losing this game. That's when my mother surprised me and ordered another Nightmare board game she found on line. Yes this wasn't the one I remembered playing but it was still one of the coolest gifts I ever got on my birthday. I can't even begin to tell you how the fuck you play this game. I have tried several times and failed. It really makes no sense and the board sorta looks like the Springwood neighborhood. Still, I have all the original pieces and always look at this game with a smile since my mother bought it for me, cementing my love for horror even more.

So that's part 1, stay tune for part 2!

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