Thursday, September 26, 2019

Target Halloween 2019 haul!!!

Target Halloween 2019 haul!!!

This past weekend I decided to venture to my local Target after hearing that there was an actual *drumroll* Dinosaur Dracula mascot doll!!! Yep, that's right, one of my favorites blogs run by my buddy Matt posted a week or so ago about what a kick he got out of seeing these little guys. Knowing I needed to pay tribute to Dinosaur Dracula, I decided to make the journey out and snag one of these while also searching for any Halloween goodies!

I had all ready done my annual Dollar Store Halloween challenge. I all ready decorated my Halloween mood table (another killer idea from Dinosaur Dracula), decorated my house, had my first caramel apple spice drink, along with a pretty tasty IT inspired Starbucks drink, as well as seeing Chapter 2 twice in theaters, got some fall scented candles, bought a bunch of Halloween stress balls, and even whipped up my October movie watchlist (stay tuned as I cover my Halloween mood table as well as my watchlist next month!) So I felt as if I had all ready really kicked things off in getting into the true October spirit! So I felt I still had in me a trip to Spirit Halloween (I never go to those stores so I'm hoping to change that this year.) as well as hit up my local Target and see what they had for Halloween goodies. I try to stay out of Target, simply because like everyone else I'll go in for paper plates, and walk out with a basket full of crap I didn't need. YOLO!!! Last year I did a Halloween trip, limiting my budget to 30$, so I decided I wanted a Dinosaur Dracula doll to set on my Staystillreviews' shelf "o" fame, and do another goodie run for the budget of 30$. This is what I picked up...

I went early Sunday morning. I oddly couldn't seem to sleep in so I decided to say "Screw it" and venture across town to Target before the crowds (aka the annoying children) I pulled in close, and strolled on in. The first place I hit up was the dollar section. Really gotta say, it was pretty bare bones (get it?) I had a guy who was close walking to me the entire time I was looking at things so I started to fake a very annoying cough to scare him away. Wasn't super thrilled with what I found.

There I picked up a pair of socks that looked like bones, and one of those pumpkins you drop in water and it grows three times it's size (am I the only one who's a sucker for those things? Back when I was a preschool teacher I used to buy a different animal each week and grow it for the kids, and I'm not afraid to admit I still grow these things and put them in glass bottles to decorate...yes people...I'm 31 years old.)

Not super impressed with the dollar section, I strolled across the empty store towards the back where all the Halloween stuff was. Instantly I was like a kid in a candy store...

They weren't completely set up but I was thrilled. There were a few aisles full of Halloween costumes that I ignored, and went straight to the candy, decorations, and goodies. Sticking to my 30 dollars, I knew what I needed to find ASAP.

My own little Dino Drac doll...

This was worth the trip alone. I got such a kick out of these little puppies. Yes they had other creatures, but the Dino was exactly what I wanted and he'll be sitting proudly on my Staystillreviews shelf "o" fame. So adorable. All they need to do is make Uncletnuc and HorrorBBQ dolls and I'll be all set. Hell, they gotta make Chip dolls to represent us! So cute!

I then strolled around admiring all of the Halloween decorations. The prices were pretty high, and I rarely really get Halloween decorations anymore unless they are dollar store throw away items. Still, I had to admire some of the killer stuff they had hanging up such as the giant snake skeleton. I mean WTF with that thing?! Still pretty cool nevertheless. My house is packed with stuff, but I told myself unless the decoration is beyond killer or vintage, I'll save decorations simply for just looking at. I mean what would I even do with the snake skeleton. (...take your minds out of the gutter guys!)

I mean...if one is brave enough that could be a fun time. Zing!

I was in awe over all of the goodies. See those giant pumpkin cheese ball containers? I fucking bought one last year. Did I need it? Nope. Was I tempted to buy another? You bet your ass I was. Took a ton of will power to walk away...

Cameo by Bill Hader! I had no idea he voiced BB8 from The Force Awakens. = Mind blown. *So talented*

I walked around for a little under twenty minutes, really taking it all in. Once I was done I checked out, and decided to hit up the Starbucks that's inside the Target (no, I didn't get an IT was early as Hell and I know myself, I would have totally puked it back up.) I did get a warm caramel apple spice (one of the few good drinks off the menu that I highly recommend since it screams fall. I also am a complete child and got one of these Target dog cake pops...and it was AMAZING!

Could you die?!

Once I was home, after having enough sugar to kill a small army, I decided to lay out my loot and see what I actually got. In the end I spent exactly 28$ That's smart shopping for you!

I got...
1). A box of Franken Berry cereal. I'm usually not a huge fan of cereal like this, but it's a rite of passage to get a box of this stuff. I actually just had a bowl and it was amazingggg!!! 
2). My Dinosaur Dracula doll. I can't tell people enough. If you are going to buy one single Halloween decoration or fun item this season...get this guy.
3). These rubber skeleton party favor hands. More than likely will be seen lounging on my shelfs and being shoved in gift bags and upcoming giveaways!
4). Halloween cupcake mix/Black icing. I'm actually hoping to attempt (and I stress attempt) to do a little baking this October. I got a few baking themed items during this shopping trip and I'm hoping to document my cook-off in an up coming blog post. I'm sensing a theme while watching horror movies and sipping wine while baking = Best way to spend an afternoon e-v-e-r. 
5) Halloween themed cupcake wrappers. (Is that what you even call them? They were cheap and super cute looking!)
6) Candy knifes, hatches, and axes. = To go along with my cupcake theme. These looked downright adorable. I should totally make them slasher themed cupcakes (The Mutilator, Intruder, Pieces, etc)
7). Halloween body part candy! - This was actually the most pricy item on my list. I rarely never shell out for candy but these I knew would look great on the cupcakes as well as being a pretty killer set of treats for friends while watching movies next month. I mean look at the tiny brains? Perfect to much on while watching Brain Damage!!!
8) My skeleton socks!
9) My grow a pumpkins!
10) And last but not least my LED pumpkin lights that now proudly sit on my Halloween mood table and totaly look awesome! I'm all about decorations that light up this year. I actually found eyeball string lights at the Dollar Store of all places, and these babies are still lit up with the cheap batteries I put in them! These orange pumpkin lights I got at Target were a complete pain in the ass to untangle but completely worth getting. These puppies are going to stay lit up all year!!!

So all in all it was a very successful and fun trip! Stay tuned for more killer October posts as well as keeping your eyes open to see what other goodies I'll stumble upon before Halloween!!!

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