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Top 10 females from a slasher movie!

 Top 10 females from a slasher movie!
Still keeping with the slasher theme this week, as Chip lounges poolside, he has his old VCR dragged out and hooked up with his TV that took three of his buddies to haul out with two extension cords so he could float in his pool, sip on a cold drink, soak up with sunshine, and continue his slasher movie marathon. If there's one thing Chip loves, it's a pretty girl. Better yet, a pretty girl that steals the show, and kicks some ass! Here are Chip's picks for the top ten females in a slasher movie!!!

10) Sarah - My Bloody Valentine
- Sarah is not only stunning, but has a leveled head on her shoulders when she's put in danger. I love the triangle between her, TJ, and Axle. She's a small town girl, who suddenly doesn't know what she wants when faced with two men who love her. What I really love about Sarah is when Patty, her best friend is falling apart, she slaps sense into her and is ready to fight back against the miner. Not a typical screaming beautiful girl, but a true fighter. Always wish they made a sequel with her in it!

9) Amy - The Funhouse 
- I love Amy's character, but I really love her character after reading the novel this film is based off of. Amy comes from a strict family, with her drunken religious mother who has a very dark past. Amy accidentally gets pregnant by her loser boyfriend, and she's forced to go to her mother and not only ask for forgiveness, but for the money to get an abortion. She's stunned when she learns that her mother as furious as she is agrees to let her have the abortion, but disowns her. That summer she works to save up, thinking about going away for school, feeling her options are all over the place now. It isn't until she decides to finally let all her troubles go and join her wild best friend on a double date to the traveling carnival. I can't express enough how much people need to read this book. It's a short fun read but goes into such rich backstory connecting Amy to the carnival more than she knows. Tobe Hooper's film is great, and the actress who plays Amy is stunning. She fights back, and steals the show all the way until the very end. My favorite scene has to be when she spots her parents picking her little brother up, but is trapped inside, trying to scream to them. Kills me every time. 

8) Anne - Graduation Day
- Anne was Laura's older sister who tragically died of a sudden heart attack at a track meet. She returns from the Navy, a changed fully capable woman who's beauitfuil, smart, and very capable of taking care of herself. Love when she nearly rips the truck driver's balls off when he tries hitting on her. I always found her relationship with her meek mother just as interesting as her very unhealthy relationship she has with her drunken step-father. Clearly there's some bad blood between the two, reeking of abusive. Anne's part isn't huge in this film, but she plays it very well, mostly the grief she's feeling after her younger sister's death, claiming she was all she had. The best is when the killer is revealed and how she fights back the entire time. Yes, running back to the empty high school field wasn't the smartest, but she really did use some great ass kicking moves to defend herself!

7) Joyce - Bloody Birthday
- Joyce may have been on a high horse, but she was intelligent, and responsible. She looked after her younger brother, and believed him when the three little "darlings" in their neighborhood began making accident happen surrounding anyone who crossed them. She risked looking crazy to protect her brother, and risk it all. Here she stayed faithful to her boyfriend, believed in what she wanted for her future, fought back, lost a best friend, and didn't take the little kids' shit, mostly when they tried attacking her while she was babysitting. I love when she kicks the chest when she has one of them locked up and says she'll let them out when she calls the cops. Dying!

6) Nancy - A Nightmare On Elm Street 
- Nancy is the MVP of slasher movies. She's resourceful, smart, independent, brave, and faces things head on. We can tell she comes from a broken home. Her parents divorced, her mother a heavy drinker, and if you really read in the films she lost a sibling, AND was molested by the very same monster that stalks her. After losing her best friend, she stops at nothing to prove that her friend wasn't responsible. Here she struggles to stay awake, keep her sanity, as well as fight back this monster while everyone else thinks she's crazy. I really do love that after she loses her own boyfriend, she knows there's nothing left to do but to fight back or die trying. Loved Nancy, in part 3, and Heather in New Nightmare. 

5) Karen - Blood Rage 
- Karen seemed like a good girl who sadly liked the wrong guy. Yes you can argue she never ran out of the complex once shit started hitting the fan, but you can give her props for not leaving the poor crying baby after it's mother was brutally killed. In fact, three cheers to Karen. She fights back, AND saves the poor innocent baby!

4) Stephanie - The Stepfather
- I adore Jill Schoelen, and one of my all time favorite roles she acted in was 1987's The Stepfather. Stephanie was a very interested teenager since she didn't play Polly Perfect. In fact, Stephanie actually played a troubled teenager who just recently lost her father, and is struggling with fighting at school since she's having trouble processing the fact her mother re-marrried so quickly. It was refreshing to see this kind of teenager who seemed realistic and likable. What I love is how Stephanie right from the start doesn't trust her step-father. She knows something is "off" The best of course has to be when she's attacked in her own home. One of the best memories I had was watching this movie with my late mother, and how much we cheered when she shoved the sled towards Jerry in the attic. Love a gal who fights back!!!

3) Kim - Prom Night
- This is the one Jamie Lee Curtis movie I felt was worth truly highlighting out of all the slashers she's done. It's Prom Night that really displays what a great final girl she is. Playing Kim, the smart, funny, popular, and carefree senior, she isn't the typical shy good girl virgin so many final girls are. In fact, she's a very relatable, likable teenager who's family suffered a massive tragedy ten years ago when her younger sister Robin was killed after falling out a second story window. Little does she know, it wasn't an accident. In fact, several of her friends, and now currently boyfriend taunted her sister, until she fell backwards to her death. The entire group swears never to speak of this again, and Kim is completely unaware. In this film, we see how Kim's mother never truly got over the shock of what happened, or Kim's younger brother, Robin's twin Alex. What always kills me is the ending scene, when she actutaly fights back when her boyfriend Nick is nearly killed by the mask killer...or the look of shock and heartbreak she has when she looks at the killer, and knows who it is. 

2) Jennifer Ross - Intruder 
-  Poor Jennifer Ross. First her creepy ex boyfriend shows up at her job and harasses her, causing a huge scene, then she's informed that she's out of a job by the end of the month since the super market she's works as a check-out girl is closing. Jennifer actually is quite the final girl. She doesn't completely lose it after she discovers all of her friends butchered, and the fact she's locked inside. Here she actually has enough sense to run, and fight back like a complete and total boss!

1) Chris - Friday the 13th part 3
- Chris may come around as whiny at times, but I actually think she deserves ranking among other final Friday the 13th girls like Alice, Ginny, and Trish. Chris survived an attack by Jason that very much was implied as a rape. She overcame the fact she couldn't remember what happened, and decided to face her fears and return to her family's cabin where it all happened. Here Chris once put into danger, leaps right to action after finding her boyfriend and friends all brutally murdered. I LOVE the scene where she grabs the knife out of her best friend's corpse, and goes at Jason like a complete mad woman, swinging the blade until she hits him. Or how she actually is smart enough to hide in good places, and fight back when there's no other choice. Also remember this one guys, she's the only person to do damage to Jason that leaves a permanent mark on his mask when she uses the ax on him!

Stay tuned for more summer fun!!!

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