Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Chip's 4th of July celebration mixed tape!!!

 Chip's 4th of July celebration mixed tape!!!

A happy 4th of July to everyone from Staystillreviews. So far our third Sensational Summer has been a complete blast! With some killer themes in the upcoming weeks, we're also celebrating 25 years of Amityville 1992 later this month with a very killer giveaway!!! Until then, I'm sure most of you are celebrating your independence by blasting off fireworks, soaking up with sunshine, or getting completely wasted off some cold brew at a BBQ. Over here at Staytillreviews Chip is spending the day in the pool with his fellow ghoulies. To celebrate the holiday he whipped together a killer 4th of July playlist which will be blasting from his boombox as he sips drinks working on his tan.

So a very happy 4th to all you cool cats, and make sure you swing by Chip's. We're making summer school mellon bombs poolside!!!

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