Friday, March 10, 2017

5 famous pizza scenes from horror movies.

 5 famous pizza scenes from horror movies.

If somebody put a gun to my head and said name my all time favorite food, I'm sure my answer would always remain the same.


Pizza has been the ultimate staple for any good time for ages, and nothing says a great Friday night more than some cold beers, a stack of great VHS tapes, and of course a mouth watering pizza. Here I've decided to name five horror movies where there have been very memorable scenes involving pizza. 

1) Pizza man - House 4
- I really love House 4. In fact, I love all of the House movies and seriously can't wait until they are released by Arrow Video. House 4 is a pretty zany film, but the most famous moment out of the entire movie has to be when the young daughter orders a pizza. First we are treated to the delivery man belting out the most catchy song before delivering the box. (If this restaurant really existed, and the delivery guys HAD to sing this song every time, you better bet your bottom dollar I would be ordering from it every Friday night.) Well, all seems fun and dandy as the daughter sets the table and the mother opens the box when suddenly in a mix of down night weirdness and nightmare fuel, the pizza is now a face hidden beneath the toppings singing up at her, and spitting sauce. If anyone can answer for me who's the famous stunt man who plays the pizza face wins a gold star for the day. Hint - Camp Crystal Lake.

2) Soul pizza - A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 The Dream Master. 
- Part 4 out of the Elm Street series is seriously my favorite entry. I know a ton of people would fight me in this saying part 3 was the best (I don't disagree at all, but part 3 felt more like an epic, part 4 seemed like a splashy colorful thrill ride that was visual eye candy for any horror lover.) One of the best scenes is when Alice is sucked into an actual movie which is the diner she works at. Here she wanders in, and sees herself at age sixty (her biggest fear waiting tables the rest of her life) here as she sits shocked, Freddy slides up beside her, and as twisted as this sounds, the most delicious looking pizza is delivered to them on the counter. I still remember one night while watching this movie in high school my sister came home and sat down right at this scene and even agreed on what a great looking pizza this looked. I'm sorry but souls or no souls, it looked like it was cheesy and amazing looking. Even the little meatball faces looked legit. Hey, I'm Italian, I can see the beauty in any food...

3) "We didn't order sausage..." - Offerings 
- Offerings is a low budget cheesy 80's movie that is yet another Halloween rip off. There are a lot of things that don't work for this slasher, but one thing that always turned my stomach was the scene where several teens order a pizza, only to find the boxes laying on the front porch, and the delivery guy missing. Figuring that the delivery guy didn't charge them for being so late, the teens all dig into the pizza, but seem puzzled since they didn't order meat or sausage on the pies. Deciding to say fuck it, they all dig in, and of course only the audience knows what they are eating. Later on one of the teens even awakes with an upset stomach at his house. Guess what's what happens when you completely pig out on human flesh. Arghhh.

4) Special delivery - Slumber Party Massacre 
- Pizza delivery has always played major key in the Slumber Party Massacre movies. It was hard to decide between this scene, or the delivery scene from part III. In the end, the original wins. The girls decide to order a pizza, and when the shit officially hits the fan, it's when the delivery guy shows up on the front porch with both of his eye balls drilled out. Afterwards when the boys run out for help, the girls wait in the living room when one of them crawls over wondering if the pizza is cold. Opening the box on the corpse, she shrugs, ignoring the looks of judgement from her friends as she states that always feels better after she eats. The moment she bites into her first slice, she brightens up telling them she feels better all ready. I gotta respect it. She girls speaks the truth.

5) Big slices for daddy, little slices for you and me! - Don't Go To Sleep
- Just last year I discovered Don't Go To Sleep, a pretty terrifying made for TV movie from the 1980's. The scene we're talking about is towards the end after basically half of this poor family has been killed off. Has it been accidents? The spirit of the dead sister? Or maybe the youngest deeply disturbed daughter? Well, after the wife discovers her husband dead in the bathroom, she stumbles out to find her darling daughter standing there smiling holding the pizza slicer stating she cut the pizza the mother had just brought home exactly the way she said. "Big slices for daddy, little slices for you and me!" The mother now knows who's been responsible for the deaths and screams in horror before slamming her bedroom door in her daughter's face, only to have her lash out with the pizza cutter. It's pretty funny watching the slicer slowly travel up the stairs, cutting the phone line, and digging into the wallpaper and plaster of the walls. It's beyond over the top, but still a perfect highlight on the best food ever.


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