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30 horror movies turning 30 this year.

30 horror movies turning 30 this year.

In celebrating with the fact we're now in the year 2017, many truly awesome movies from 1987 are turning the big three-o this year. So here are thirty awesome movies to watch and celebrate to!!!

1) A Nightmare On Elm Street 3 Dream Warriors
- A group of teenagers staying at a mental hospital are the last of the children of the parents who murdered serial killer Freddy Krueger. All sharing the same dream, they battle on stay awake and fight together.

2) Hellraiser
- Demons are after a man who escaped Hell and was brought back to life by his lover. What the man needs is blood from murdered men in order to become whole. It isn't until his niece discovers this terrible secret, and the key to call the demons after him.

3) The Kindred
- A brilliant scientist dies, but not before telling her son on his deathbed to go to her beach house, destroy the research she's been working on, and find his brother Anthony. This puzzles the man since as far as he's believed he's always been an only child. Taking a group of his colleagues up to his mother's seaside house, he begins to suspect his mother wasn't talking about another sibling. 

4) Hello Mary Lou Prom Night II
- Back in 1957 the prom queen Mary Lou went down in flames after a prank went terribly wrong. Thirty years later, her vengeful spirit returns, possessing a young high school student in search for the crown she never got, and destroying anyone who gets in her way.

5) Fright Night 2
- Charlie is now away at college and after years of therapy he's convinced himself that everything that happened to him from the first film was all in his head and that Jerry Dandrige was actually just a serial killer. When he's finally moving on with his life with a new girlfriend, a mysterious woman shows up on the front door of his dorm. Who is she, and what does she want with Charlie?

6) Creepshow 2
- Three chilling tales based off the classic E.C comics. A wooden Indian from a store front comes to life to seek revenge on the group of kids that robbed and murdered the store's owners. A mysterious black goo appears out of nowhere with four college kids decide to swim out to a raft in the middle of a lake off season. When they discover the goo eats human flesh, the group becomes stranded and having absolutely no idea what to do. A wealthy woman speeding home one night kills a hitchhiker late one night and speeds away. For the reminder of the ride the spirit of the man that she killed continues to haunt her.

7) Prince Of Darkness
- A group of scientist gather to a church where supposedly a container has been kept for hundreds of years that could actually open the gates of Hell.

8) The Lost Boys
- Two brothers move out to the West Coast only to discover that this sea side party town isn't exactly as it seems. In fact, a local gang reveal themselves to actually be teenage vampires, who want the oldest brother as the gang's newest member.

9) Evil Dead II
- Ash wakes up still trapped in the same woods with evil spirits going crazy and possessing him. It isn't until the actually owners of the cabin show up to discover that terrible events occurred here the night before.

10) The Monster Squad
- The classic Universal monsters are released into modern times and it's up to a rag tag group of kids to stop them.

11) The Gate
- Two young boys accidentally summon the gates of Hell to open releasing demons all over their neighborhood. 

12) House II
- A young man inherits a mansion that belonged to his parents. There he discovers several mysterious secrets including his great, great, great, great grandfather who despite his age is still very lively, as well as a passageway to new worlds.

13) The Stepfather
- A young girl begins to suspect that her charming step-father isn't the man he claims to be. In fact, he's actually a deeply disturbed serial killer who marries into families, hoping to live the American dream. When his new family disappoints him he snaps, murdering everyone, changes his identity, and moves to a new town. 

14) Stage fright
- A psychopath escapes from a mental hospital and ends up hiding inside a theater studio where a cast and crew are rehearsing for a new show where the director has locked them all inside. Here the man comes out of hiding, putting on a giant owl head, and begins brutally murdering everyone who's trapped inside.

15) Jaws The Revenge
- Now a widow, Ellen Brody's entire life is shattered when her youngest son Sean is tragically killed by another shark attack in Amity. Lost in her grief, she decides to spend the holidays with her oldest son Michael and his family. It isn't long before she begins to suspect the very same shark that killed Sean has returned, seeking revenge.

16) Dolls
- A group of people stranded at a mansion during a storm discover that the owners, who are toy makers, are actually dabbing in something a little bit darker.

17) Near Dark
- A young man meets a mysterious young woman who panics when she notices the sun will soon start rising. Accidentally she bites his neck and hurries off. Confused, the man begins to walk home before he gets kidnapped and tossed inside an R.V. When he awakes, he sees the girl, and several strangers. All claiming that he's now one of them, and needs to prove his keep to stay with them.

18) Slumber Party Massacre II
- Courtney, the younger sister from the original film is now in high school and trying to live a normal life while her sister completely lost her mind and is currently staying at a mental hospital. On Courtney's birthday weekend, her friends who are all in a rock band decide to drive up to one of their parent's new condos up state in a new development to practice, and invite some boys. All seems like fun in the sun until Courtney begins suffering from strange visions and dreams of a rock and roll killer who has a guitar shaped drill.

19) Blood Diner 
- Two insane brothers run a diner and murder women to make their flesh into the restaurant's newest dish, while trying to make these murders are part of a sacrifice to awaken a Egyptian princess.

20) Return To Horror High
- A police crew arrive at a high school where they try to figure out the grizzly aftermath of a series of brutal murders that happened while a film crew was shooting a true story of an original set of murders that took place at the very same school years before hand. Here the lone survivor tells the events that took place on this doomed set as a killer lurked in the shadows picking everyone off one by one.

21) The Video Dead
- Siblings who are staying at their parent's house while their parents are away are susprised when a strange TV set arrives on their front door one day. Both have no idea that this TV is actually a gateway for killer zombies to enter the real world.

22) The Howling III
- A scientist finds that werewolves actually do exist and have been living in the outback for hundreds of years. When one of the tribe escapes, going to the big city in hopes of starting a normal life and break into acting, several forces surround trying to find answers to what these creatures are, and what triggers turn them to change?

24) From A Whisper To A Scream
- After a woman is sent to death, a reporter contacts her uncle, wanting to interview him and see what caused her to snap, killing all these people. Here the man invites the reporter to the library, and claims it's the town that caused his niece to kill. That for years it's had a dark history in which he unfolds, telling tales of the undead, and worse.

25) The Outing 
- A cursed lamp is brought to a museum after it's current owner is killed. One night a group of teens break into the museum to party and accidentally release the evil spirit that's been trapped in the ancient lamp for years.

26) Bloody New Year
- Five teenagers accidentally become shipwrecked on a small island where they discover a hotel that's completely deserted, but is decorated for New Years Eve despite the fact it's summer. 

27) The Curse
- A mysterious meteor crashes on a farm where suddenly the livestock becomes ten times it's size. The only person who doesn't see this as a blessing is the farmer's step-son, who suspects something is terribly wrong.

28) Silent Night Deadly Night Part 2
- Ricky, the younger brother of the original Santa Clause killer is now grown up, and just as crazy as his brother. With a dark unstable history, he recalls what originally caused him to snap to a doctor after being arrested for several murders. At the end it's revealed he wants revenge on the same nun he feels was responsible for his brother's death.

29) Return To Salem's Lot
- A reporter and his young son go to the town of Salem's Lot which is now overrun with vampires.

30) The Hidden
- An alien parasite that's able to jump from human host to human host arrives in LA, jumping from body to body. It's up to a cop, and another fellow alien who's taken human form to stop this creature before it's too late.

Happy 30th guys!!!

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