Saturday, February 4, 2017

Killer Valentine's Day gifts to die for!!!

 Killer Valentine's Day gifts to die for!!!

Little known fact about myself, but after October, February is my favorite month! I honestly can't explain why I adore this time of year since it's winter, beyond cold, and all of the major holidays have passed so it's just a waiting game until spring/summer and the warmer weather. Well, I guess it comes down to two reasons. One being, my sister's birthday is on the 9th. So I have tons of memories of childhood birthdays being decorated in Valentine's Day colors. I LOVE glittery red, pink, white, and purple. In fact I could spent hours looking at Valentine's Day decorations. I've always loved how drug stores are covered from top to bottom in these colors. What can I say? I'm a sucker for it. The second being my love for the cult classic slasher My Bloody Valentine. This was a slasher shown to me at an early age when my mother rented it for me when I was little from our local video store. This movie is near and dear to my heart (no pun intended) due to my fond memories with my mother watching and loving this movie. My Bloody Valentine not only is one of my favorite slashers, but the remake completely kicked ass as well. So always around this time of year, after I've celebrated Ghoulie Bowl (post to soon follow for tomorrow.) I made it a tradition to watch the original and remake as well as seeing what killer things are available to get into the spirit for the 14th. Here are a few items from killer companies that you should check out ASAP!!!

Let's see what we can find for some killer Valentine surprises...

1) Cavitycolors - Valentine T-shirts, and Harry Warden print.
- CavityColors is a killer company with legit visual eye candy with all of the deigns on their T-shirts, and prints. Between the AMAZING miner print (seen above), they also are showing some February spirit with a T-shirt for the underrated slasher Valentine. All amazing designs, and a must to check out!

2) Fright Rags - My Bloody Valentine boxset/T-shirts, and pins.
- Wel all love Fright Rags, as well as those killer box-sets they come out with. I gotta admit, they really have me here the moment they showed a preview for their latest Valentine's Day design. They have done MBV shirts before, but this one looks completely killer since it comes in a box made to look like a Valentine's Day package. It comes with a card signed by the original actor who played TJ, as well as custom candy hearts! There are also other styles of shirts as well as amazing pins. I might just have to get a Valentine's Bluff pin, those are just too cool!

3) Horror Decor heart wax melts.
- Horror Decor has come out with some pretty neat things to dress up any horror fan's house. Between their candles, pillows, pot holders, and cuddle creeps, this is a company you have to check out to see how to make your house even more cooler than it all ready is. There has been heart designed pillows, but what really made me impressed was the wax melts they have, which look to be currently signed out. These babies must be popular!

4) Shout Factory - blu-rays. 
- Shout Factory is one of the best companies currently for great classics being re-released on blu-ray packed full of extras and in crystal clear HD. Between their Poltergeist II & III blu-rays released this month, and the AMAZING Slumber Party Massacre II & III blu-ray, they are killing it with films you just wanna cuddle up with someone and watch people get torn to pieces!

5) Waxwork Records - My Bloody Valentine vinyl. 
- As someone who just started truly collecting vinyls a few years ago, I always try to find the coolest released based off my favorite movies. It still stuns me I haven't picked up this amazing release of the 1981 soundtrack. From what I've seen the inside packaging is insane!!!

Happy shopping and remember, beware the 14th!

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