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Top movies of 2016!

Top movies of 2016!
It's hard to believe that last year on New Year's Eve I got a Green Inferno tattoo, and spent the night watching John Carpenter movies. (Does Stacy know how to party or what?) 2016 certainly has been a year of years. Many people hated these past 12 months due to the turn out for the election, and the massive amount of deaths in the world of pop culture. I'm never one to truly blame a "year" for being horrible. I know some people who lost loved ones this year, or battled illness. Those are real reasons to hate a year. I hate the year 2009 because that's when I lost my mom. I know the year itself didn't do this, but if I had to name years I absolutely did not love, that one would most likely take the cake. Still, I do understand why many people didn't like this year and are more than happy to see it go. Still, bad things can happen anytime, even 2017. I believe it comes down to what you make the time out of. Not bitching and moaning over stupid things, but finding your own happiness and making the best of it. Trying not to sound too heavy here in a post about movies, but all these icons we lost this year hurt because they were a big part of our life's and affected us. I'll be the first to admit, when we lost Alan Rickman earlier last winer I was completely crushed. All I can say is 2017 will be good if we make it good. One thing that we can always look forward to is what movies we'll be seeing and take comfort by watching. Now in true Staystillreviews fashion, these movies aren't all new. (SHOCKING I KNOW!) These are just movies I either watched a lot this past year, or discovered for the first time. So here it is, my top movies of 2016!!!

The Hateful Eight
- I didn't catch The Hateful Eight until after the New Year. This hands down has to be my favorite Tarantino movie. I was raised on his movies and have loved every single one of them. This one was special. I can't really explain it, but my love of Tarantino movies and Westerns found the perfect mixture. Many have said it starts off slow, but I loved the pacing of this movie. With an all star cast, creepy setting, pacing like an old mystery novel, and one of the best pay offs I've seen in years, it wasn't any surprise that I needed to legit collect everything Hateful Eight related. 

Pee Wee's Big Holiday
- I adore the original Pee Wee's Big Adventure, so I was pretty pumped this spring when it was announced that another Pee Wee movie was becoming a movie on Netflix. I love Tim Burton's original. This was back when his movies were weird and wonderful. I remember owning the sequel Big Top but never really loving it as much as the first film. This sequel looked zany, and I loved that the guy from True Blood was pretty much becoming Pee Wee's BFF. My main reason for checking out this bad Larry was because it was announced the summer before that actor Damon Martin who played Chip the BMX teen in the original was coming out of retirement for a brief cameo. I'm a huge Damon fan, loved his brief career in the 1980's and 90's before he joined a band, then became a famous mural artist. Thanks to my friend Travis we have begun the art series based off his movies. Hey, if you wanna honor anyone, why not a teen star from the 80's? I had to stay glued to the screen but was able to spot Damon playing a police officer. This was his first movie since 1992 so it warmed my heart beyond belief. Also can we talk about that opening with the alien. God I loved that movie...

10 Cloverfield Lane
- The Beyonce' horror movie of the year. I saw Cloverfield when it first came out and really enjoyed it. When I found out there was going to be a sorta sequel I was instantly on board. Missing it when it was in theaters, I bought it as a blind buy this summer which is something I rarely do, but judging from the trailers this looked creepy as HELL. I also really loved that one of my favorite actresses Mary Elizabeth Winstead was the lead. Love her! The setting of the underground shelter with Mary, and a very adorable guy who looks like a young Sam Raimi and John Goodman had me on the edge of my seat the entire movie. I will agree with some friends that the last ten or so minutes fell a little flat, but still super decent movie.

Final Destination 3
- Ah, my comfort movie this year. FD3 was a huge movie when I was a senior in high school and has remained a huge favorite of mine over the years. I really can't believe this movie is ten years old! With a high re-watch value, I re-discoevred this movie when it hit Netflix. No word of a lie I have fallen asleep to this movie nearly every night in December. With it's beautiful flashy use of the colors blue and red, the likable cast, and the over the top kills, this will forever be one of my favorite part 3s in a horror series. In fact to celebrate I was able to buy a poster signed by the entire cast! My goal is to continue collecting based off this highly underrated movie.

- Ah Brian Yuzna. I love his movies, honestly. This past Thanksgiving I dug out my AMAZING Arrow blu-ray of this 80's classic and watched it seriously five times in a  row. Hands down one of the best blu-ray release ever. This transfer was crystal clear! I will forever recommend Society to anyone. It's a slow burn, but the ending is one of the craziest, over the top, and best example of practical effects ever shown on screen. I love Yuzna movies, and Society will forever be one of my favorites!

Waxwork/Waxwork II
- What is there is say. I think anyone who knows me, understands how much Waxwork and Waxwork II means to me. Thanks to Heather and Michael, these two movies finally got the blu-ray treatment they deserved this past fall. Thanks to a retro series of amazing films from the 1980's we got such classics as Chopping Mall, Return Of The Living Dead, and yes finally the Waxwork movies. For years I have been trying to rally support in these films getting made, and when it finally became a reality I cried tears of complete nerd joy. What made these WONDERFUL releases even better was the fact that this October at Rock & Shock Zach Galligan (Mark Loftmore) gifted me his own personal copy. I honestly thought I was going to faint. Hands down greatest gift I've ever received. Thank you Zach. Thank you.

Phantasm remastered/Phantasm 5
- The Phantasm series is one of my all time favorite set of horror films ever made. In fact I see them as one giant epic that tells a heartbreaking tale of a young boy battling his inner demons when he loses his family and can't wake up to the reality that death comes for everyone. For years I have loved these movies, and enjoy showing them to friends. This year we finally got part 5. Did we need it? Ehhh. I loved the way part 4 ended, it really truly felt full circle. Still, I'm game to watch Reggie and Michael in anything and it was nice to see the Tall Man for one last final time. Was the movie perfect? No. Did I feel emotional watching it? Yes. That's when you know you have truly made a great epic, when you are so emotional invested in these characters you feel like they are family. (Sappy? Who cares.) I was also gifted by my amazing sister the original that was remastered and had a brief run in theaters that I sadly missed. I've watched this blu-ray three times this week and have completely fallen in love with it again. Legit a living breathing colorful piece of art.

Don't Go To Sleep
- Thanks to my friend Jody, I decided to look up the made for TV 80's horror movie Don't Go To Sleep. Curious, I watched it one night and couldn't believe how much I loved this ghost story. Not only did I love the cast and setting, I loved how terrifying this movie was for a made for TV movie! The story had balls with what they did, and hands down has one of the scariest ending shots of all time. This was by far a reminder that 70's and 80's made for TV were legit back in the day.

They're Watching.
-This movie was recommended to me by Netflix after I watched FD3 like ten times in a row. Seems one of stars Kris Lemche (who has always been eye candy) was in this indie movie that was released this year. Shot on film, it has a slow burn but the likable characters and comedy keeps the viewer busy until the creepy and beyond over the top ending. That CGI tho! Super fun movie that I just showed my friend Jeanette. She showed me Last Shift which was seriously the scariest fucking movie I've ever seen. NEVER AGAIN.

Another pick from Netflix. I love horror movie that as far fetched as the story is, maybe it could still happen. This movie actually has a pretty cool story. Think 127 hours meets The Hitcher. We got a female lead, and a pretty scary idea of what if this happened to you. I won't spoil anything, but this was a tie with Hush. I have to really hand it to Netflix this year, they have come up with a few surprises. Guess I'll keep watching and see what else they add for 2017.

So what will 2017 bring us? Hopefully more awesome movies! Thanks 2016!!!

Happy New Year!!!

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