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Waxwork/Waxwork II blu-ray review.

 Waxwork/Waxwork II blu-ray review.

After what truly felt like a lifetime, 2016 gave way to some of the best news I've ever heard. Two of my all time favorite movies...Waxwork and Waxwork II Lost In Time finally after 25+ years came out on a stunning double disc SE edition blu-ray! When I first heard news of this I legit felt tears of joy. Years ago I began a Facebook page
This was my small effort in trying to gain support on these two cult classics and prove that there were still tons of fans who wanted these movies to get the treatment they deserved. With amazing casts, effects, sets, and storylines both films were years ahead of it's time and still even to this day paid tribute by. After meeting several of the cast members, along with other die hard fans I wanted to see if Lionsgate (who currently owned the rights) would be willing to someday play with the idea of releasing both films on blu-ray. Besides a barebones double feature DVD set, we had just our old battered up VHS copies or the cut and very dark version of the original on that epic 8 movie pack released several years ago. 

Well our prayers were answered when it was announced that several popular films from the 1980's were going to get released as part of this retro Vestron series based off films released by this company back in the glory days of VHS. This past October, Chopping Mall, and Blood Diner were released in crystal clear HD, PACKED full of special features. This summer it was announced that they were doing to do a double feature of both Waxwork and Waxwork II. The people behind it were friends Michael Felsher and Heather Buckley. These people are behind so many amazing releases and I was beyond honored when Heather called me up asking if I wanted to help out a little. The few things I did do were a huge honor, and I can't thank these two enough for letting me be part of this amazing release. To say these films mean the world to be would be the understatement of the entire century. Well, funny enough story, I was beyond pumped hearing who was getting involved and what was being done special feature wise. We were getting the uncut versions, and so much more. I was planning on ordering up a copy when just a few weeks ago I vended at Rock & Shock a local horror convention. I was thrilled since Zach Galligan (Mark Loftmore) was going to be there. I've met Zach dozens of times and love that he's always such a great sport about talking Waxwork with me since I'm such a massive fan. In fact one of the first times I met Zach I won his very own Waxwork II crew shirt in Boston which I still own to this day. Well, I guess the night before during his panel he spoke about these movies getting released on blu-ray and announced that since I'm such a massive fan and was rooting for the films to get the treatment they deserved he was going to gift me with his own personal copy of both films. When I did stroll by this table having zero idea any of this was going on, he surprised me and I legit was floored. Zach spoke very kind words about me and the movies and gave me his own copy which he signed. I was ugly crying...or as Zach likes to call it Blair Witch crying, and had a moment. Hands down I was beyond humbled and this blu-ray is now my most favorite and and loved item in my collection. 

I spent the following weekend diving into the special features. The main thing I spoke about on several blog/radio interviews while trying to rally support in the films was that my dream special feature would be commentaries on both films by Zach Galligan and Anthony Hickox. Well, ask and you shall receive. Both films got commentaries by both director and lead and they are a complete riot.  Zach told me Sunday morning before the show how funny they came out and I couldn't agree anymore. Dying laughing listening to both commentaries, it was great hearing these two friends reflect on two amazing movies they made together. 

The original movie has a retro behind the scenes feature which is fun to watch since I've always wanted to see it, along with a brand new feature on the making of both films featuring interviews with the cast and crew, showing behind the scenes footage and going into great detail over the effects used in both films. 

One of my favorite special features of course had to be the behind the scenes galleries which were stunning. I couldn't believe how many great photos (mostly from Waxwork II) That they found. Truly amazing. Plus the music video from Waxwork II...classic. 

With original trailers, and beautiful crystal clear transfers, these movies look as if they were made yesterday. In fact I spoke about this before but these movies are so clear I'm noticing things I've never  seen before. The best was seeing Mark crying when he says goodbye to Sarah at the end of part II. Amazing...

These movies are a must for any fan or collector. As most likely one of the biggest Waxwork fans out there, this was a dream come true. Michael and Heather worked so hard with so many people to deliver the goods and it did not disappoint. I mean can we take a second to talk about how amazing those menus were?! Truly awesome. So these releases get five stars a piece from me and two thumbs up. Can't wait to see what else is coming down the line from this series. Rumor has it Return Of The Living Dead part III and Chud II Bud The Chud are coming out. Fingers crossed! Would love to do a fan commentary with some fellow bloggers soon so stay tuned!

5 stars!!!

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