Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Waxwork drinking game!!!

 Waxwork drinking game!!!
I'm sure we're in full swing of celebrating Galligangiving. I myself are a few drinks in. So what better way to ring in this holiday than play the ultimate Waxwork drinking game! So pop in your brand new Waxwork blu-ray, pour a drink, and enjoy!!!

Take a drink when...

Someone says Waxwork.
The line "That's gotta hurt!" is said.
The name Tony or China is mentioned.
Whenever Hans speaks.
Sarah gets whipped. 
Someone uses a sword.
The line "Would you like a closer look?" is said.
A monster is shown.
Someone is shown smoking.

Take a shot when...

Someone dies.
Someone goes through the Waxwork barrier.

Waterfall when...

Sarah and Mark are running down the hallway.
Blood is shown.

Happy Galligangiving!!!


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