Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Interview with Glenn Martin by John Campoplano

Interview with Glenn Martin by John Campoplano
Friend and talented filmmaker John Campopiano (aka the Boston Yeti himself) was kind enough to speak with director Glenn Martin over the film Kampout briefly. 

Synopsis: Enraged by the murder of it's offspring, a Bigfoot rampages through the countryside of Southeast Ohio. Detective Benson (Zach Galligan), Ranger Thomas and Bigfoot researcher Hank scramble to locate the legendary creature before it attacks a group of teenagers on a camping trip in an isolated place called Kampout.

How did Kampout end up being shot in Ohio?
Glenn Martin: 
We filmed Kampout last year (2015) and the way it started was that I grew up in a small town called Buchtel which is right next to the town we filmed in, Nelsonville. As a kid we would go camping and play a game called capture the flag and we were playing one night up on this hill (actually where we shot a lot of our footage) and it's there that I had the idea for the movie. 

So it's really a local film through and through---but with a solid cast of names!
Do you know the movie The Wraith? Well, one of my good friends is Chris Nash and, so, a lot of the guys from that movie at in Kampout (Clint Howard, etc.) were also in The Wraith. I called Chris and said I have this treatment finished for a Bigfoot movie and he said, "Send it over to me!" He read it and said, "Alright, hey this is pretty cool!" We gave it to Nick [Cassavetes] but he was booked working on Alpha Dog and booked up for at least two years so, we temporarily shelved it. What I really want to do is make a Bigfoot TV series. There's no Bigfoot TV series out there right now, aside from reality shows. They had the Harry and the Hendersons series, but it was kind of corny. So, I've talked with some people and I'm hoping this could be the Walking Dead of Bigfoot shows. So, we'll see...

How did Zach Galligan get involved with this film?
About two years ago I talked to Chris and he said yes let's do it. Dave put us in touch with Jamie [Bozian] who told me to call Clint [Howard] so I called Clint and he jumped on board because it was a one day shoot for him, so that's how he came onto the project. After that I got a hold of Zach Galligan and he said, "Yeah, send me the script!" so I sent him the script and he said, "Dude, I'm in!" Man, he's a character. I'll say this: he's professional but he loves to goof around, too. He's a different type of guy. I guess you could say he's like his character in Gremlins: He's laid back, but, he's got a comedic side to him, too. He likes joking around. But he was always giving advice, which was great. We'll see what happens with it.

Thank you John and Thank you Glenn! This might actually be one of the few Galligan movies I've never seen. Can't wait to check it out!!!

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