Sunday, November 20, 2016

Top 10 movies to watch the week of Thanksgiving.

 Top 10 movies to watch the week of Thanksgiving.
The week of Thanksgiving is upon us. That means a total excuse to eat and drink as much as we want and watch some truly awesome movies. Right before the Christmas season is in full swing, which has it's own stack of movies to get through, it's nice to find some movies that either takes place around the Thanksgiving holiday, and gets you into the state of mind during this wonderful month of November. So here are ten movies I highly recommend to get you ready for turkey, gravy, and lots and lots of booze! Let's give thanks for ten killer Thanksgiving themed films!!!

1). Blood rage 
- One of my all time favorite slasher movies. Filled with over the top gore scenes by Ed French, a great score, and a pretty decent script, this is the best movie to watch around this time of year.! Remember it isn't cranberry sauce!!!

2 Home Sweet Home
- Cheesy grade B slasher movie with a very over the top killer. A must to watch around this time of year!

3) Kristy
- SUPER decent horror/thriller that takes place over the Thanksgiving holiday. Super creepy, and very unsettling!

4) Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
- Just watched this movie for the first time last year. Man, hit me right in the feels.

5) Son In Law
- I've always been annoyed with this movie but somehow it was a stable growing up. I must admit since it hit Netflix I re-watched it and found myself laughing a few times. Love the turkey having a heart attack scene.

6) Motel Hell
- Thanksgiving screams food...and maybe lots of meat. You'll be craving a meal after watching this black comedy which is one of my personal favorites. Meats Meat! Man's Gotta Eat!

7) Intruder
- Gotta love a slasher that takes place in a supermarket around this time of year. Plus you get Sam Raimi on a meathook! Adorable!

8) Dutch
- Every time I play cards I think of this movie and crack up. This movie is a decent comedy, with some great moments (fireworks anyone) Love a good holiday themed movie with Al from Married With Children, and Rusty from Vegas Vacation.

9) The Ice Storm
- This movie is a pretty interesting look on the wealthy upper middle class back in the 1970's. We got some truly strange moments in this movie, but you'll never look at keys or fishbowls the same way again. 

10) Psychic
- Nothing says November like my own personal favorite holiday. Galligangiving!!! This movie strangly screams November. Maybe it's the college campus, the chilly weather, and Galligan in a peacoat. 

Here's to hoping for Eli Roth's Thanksgiving to someday get released! Guess we'll just have to settle for The Green Inferno!!!

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