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Ranking of Zach Galligan characters.

 Ranking of Zach Galligan characters.

Happy Galligangiving!!!!

Yes, today marks the 5th annual Galligangiving. Non-stop Galligan movies!!! I have lots planned for tonight with tons of great posts, articles, a killer giveaway, and some amazing guest writers. To kick things off, I decided to post the ranking of ten of Zach Galligan's best characters!

10) Rick Corbit
The seedy two-timing brother of Ms. Traci Lords. After in deep due to gambling debts, he joins forces with his sister only to double cross and let his own greed get the best of him. Yes...he blows up in a helicopter. 

9) Todd
- Poor Todd. Always the weaker between him and his older brother, his life becomes a complete a total mess after his father suddenly dies, and the family business becomes too much for him. After a failed suicide attempt, he finds himself trying his hardest to fix up not only his childhood home, but his cramping marriage to a very beautiful woman. It isn't long before Todd begins to suspect his wife is cheating on him, and things get even worse when his brother becomes the third man in the marriage, as well as a secret murder with a large amount of money involved. Todd seems like a pushover the entire movie but ends up legit being the last man standing.

8) Steve
- Steve is Corey Feldman's lovable sidekick with a dope haircut, and classic one-liners all for the sake of getting laid. Steve is the best friend who pukes on a girl's breasts after eating too much pizza, tries to smoothly buy condoms, and hooks up with a Russian girl only to remark the greatest line in film history about marked bills. In true honestly Zach is the only good thing about this mess of a movie. I can't help but love the expression on his face after the child calls him a turkey. 

7) Brain Hartley
- Brian was a dick. Basically a male whore who had a special black book and had more notches on his bedpost than a two dollar hooker. Still, maybe because it was Galligan playing him you couldn't help but love him. So damn charming! Brian gets what's coming to him after a bit of a misunderstanding with his girlfriend and soon to be finance'. Held hostage for three days, he's forced to wear a skirt, watch the home shopping network, eat squash, and get "shaved" Brian ends up proving he isn't the same jerk he once was, and does it looking adorable. What a guy!

6) Sheriff Fowler 
- What a tragic character. In my eyes Adam Green saved some of his best characters to the epic final chapter in the hatchet series. Sheriff Fowler had brief backstory but enough to spark the audience's interest. A divorced man, he still has a very tension filled relationship with his wife Amanda who's a reporter. Both met in Dallas, married, and somewhere after broke up. The details aren't clear, but Adam Green himself went on record saying that perhaps they had a child who was special needs and died. One of the most heart breaking moments in the movie is when the sheriff is hiding on the boat in the swamp and hears Amanda yelling and sticks his head out before saying "It's my wife!" A sad ending, to a sad character. "Sigh..."

5) Eric Rhodes 
I LOVE Zach's character in this. One of the few times he plays the villain and he does it perfectly! Just something about Zach's big blue eyes make this delivery of Eric even more scary. He's handsome, but deeply disturbed. With the backstory of him being responsible for his parent's death, and some "family" relations with his sister, it's clear he's more than a crazed. After meeting who he believes is the love of his life, he becomes obsessed with making her his one true love (she's not the first) Eric will take out anyone who gets in his way, and was keeping a cross-bow handy long before The Walking Dead.

4) Patrick Costello 
- One of my favorite Galligangiving movies hands down has to be Psychic. Zach plays Patrick, a college student who lives in New England and is what psychics call a "Touch-Know" Patrick has the gift of second sight as well as touching objects and knowing it's history as well as information. Falling head over heels with one of his teachers, Patrick is trying so hard to live a normal life before disturbing images and nightmares of women getting brutally raped and murdered start appearing to him. It isn't long before he starts to black out and start sleepwalking. Scared, he wonders who exactly is responsible for these crimes and how does he stop them?

3) David 
 - David is one of my favorite characters Galligan has ever played. I loved it so much I even got his tattooed on me a few years back. David plays a young and very eager puppeteer. Hired by a man who's fame came forty years before hand, he seems like the friend he's always needed and is slowly taught the old ways of the craft as well as putting us own spin in taking the material from the 50's to the 90's. Still, all isn't what it seems with David. With a huge reveal and twist ending, David's final scene goes down as one of the most memorable in the history of Tales From The Crypt.

2) Billy Peltzer
- A fan favorite, Billy Peltzer is the adorable curly haired wide eyed kid who clearly is stuck in a small town, trying his best by doing good by his two loving parents. Working at a bank, Billy is trapped in his small poor town, dreaming of becoming something more. With an eye for art, he watches as his father follows a pipe dream of making inventions. Here we watch as Billy has complete and adorable puppy dog love for his co-worker Kate, and brushes off the many assholes that live around him. Low and behold a special Christmas gift causes things to turn upside down. Wanting to take responsibility for what he let happen, he and new furry friend Gizmo and Kate team up to stop these little monsters before they take over the entire world. This happens again years later when Billy and Kate are living together in New York, working in the same business building, struggling to make ends meet so they can finally get engaged. This adorable couple yet again is thrown into another whacky adventure trying to defeat these little creatures before they can escape from the city. Billy is the boy next door, cute, talented, adorable, and clearly has amazing chemistry with not just Ms. Cates, but those adorable puppets as well! When you think Galligan, instantly you think Gremlins. I honestly couldn't ever see anyone else playing this role.  

1) Mark Loftmore
This takes the first place spot in my eyes simply because I have never seen such a brilliantly written male lead before in a horror movie. Mark Loftmore is an upper middle class college aged guy who is grounded in the ways that his wealth hasn't clouded his vision and treats everyone like an equal. Still, despite the fact he chases after a girl who treats him like garbage, he's stunned when he's turned down by his best friend who clearly as feeling for him. Remaining a gentlemen, Mark shows a dry sense of humor, handsome good looks, and the fact he takes responsibility when he notices his friends are both missing. Mark isn't a typical male lead, but quickly takes shape as a strong willed character who risks his life to battle a man who has history with his family. We watch Mark be pushed into a black and white Night Of The Living Dead world where ehe quickly figure out how to defeat the deadly illusion that's been killing his friends. Again, he jumps into another world to save his best friend/love interest and stands up, not even fearing death. Mark not only does one hell of an epic sword battle, but he returns in the sequel (just moments after the first film left off) determined to clear his friend's name, so much as slipping in between worlds, battling monsters, warlocks, demons, and much, much worse. In the end Mark sacrifices himself by staying back in time in order for Sarah to clear her name. This still kills me there was never another installment in this series to show the other adventures of Mark Loftmore. This hands down has been Zach's greatest character ever.

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