Sunday, October 9, 2016

Dollar store scores!!!

 Dollar store scores!!!

Today was a rainy shitty day so I decided to make the best of things and while waiting for the Stephen King marathon to start on AMC (I live a very exciting life) Driving up to NH I decided to hit the craft store one last time to finish up with supplies for the up coming Rock & Shock show next weekend. After going there I decided to swing by a dollar store that usually has more things that the other ones closer to my house. Once I stepped in I knew I made the right choice. So I decided to see how many treasures I could find for under 15$ This is what I scored...

Stacy has died and gone to Heaven...

1 pack of pumpkin string lights. The batteries weren't included and I have yet to take them out of the pack but I know they will fit right in downstairs in my den.

I pack of candy corn. I know, I know, dollar store candy (yuck) but I'm trying to hoard as many bags of candy corn as possible. I truly intend to have my freezer packed full of this junk during the winter.

1 pack of little Halloween glitter ball things. I shoved these into two Halloween cups I own and plan on pouring them into one of my vases. I have to admit, really pretty for a decoration. 

2 Halloween pot holders. I have two kitchens (yep, two) and the one downstairs I'm slowly trying to give a Fall/Halloween theme to it so of course I thought how adorable to go with the Halloween dish cloths I all ready have to toss a pair of pot holders in there as well.

Two flickering pumpkin tea lights. I love decorations that light up AND won't burn your entire house down by accident. These babies are currently sitting on my coffee table and look great.

1 pack of Halloween candy pumpkins. Again I know, more dollar store candy, but I've always liked mixing these babies in with a bowl of candy corn. Ever since Dino Dracula mentioned these being to perfect scale for action figures I can't seem to look at them the same...

1 string of skeletons. These caught my eye right away. It was between this and some fake tombstones. I thought this was beyond cute and are now hanging above my downstairs TV.

1 adorable eyeball scarf. If you know me, you know I can seriously rock a scarf tied around my head without looking like a total idiot. This will go perfectly with the eyeball earrings I got last weekend during another Dollar Store run,

1 tinsel pumpkin. What can I say I'm a sucker for pumpkin anything. This little guy caught my eye right before I went to the check out counter. Looks like he belongs straight from the 1980's. I love cheap decorations like this. Reminds me of a simpler time...

Last but not least this killer Halloween themed kitchen sign. This is yet another sign I'll be putting down in my kitchen. They had tons to chose from. Really gotta hand it to this Dollar Store, some truly awesome finds!

I'm sure this won't be my last haul to the dollar store before the end of the Halloween season but always a killer time to find treats much like the ones above. Stay tuned, some of these finds might be in a future giveaway!

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