Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Day 14-18 of Tubular Terrifying Tapes!

Day 14-18 of Tubular Terrifying Tapes!

Due to the busy past weekend at Rock & Shock I didn't have time to really update with my 31 Tubular Terrifying Tapes so I'm finally catching up.

Day 14 was Wes Craven's Deadly Friend. This movie is one of my favorites but often overlooked due to Craven's very impressive career. This being made in the mid 1980's during Freddy mania. Sadly Craven's follow up films after A Nightmare On Elm Street was so often left in the shadows until the next decade he made Scream. Films like Deadly Friend, and Shocker were great attempts to making a new horror villain, but each try just didn't completely work. I still adore this film, first off it's based off a wonderful and chilling novel. I could see where Craven was going with this movie, but had he stuck a little closer with the novel I think the result would have been very different. Still, with a great cast, over the top effects, a wonderful score, and believe it or not a really solid storyline the movie is cheesy but wonderful at the same time. Would love to see a remake to this movie!

Day 15 is the over the top sequel to Night Of The Demons. I love the original Night Of The Demons movie, and believe it or not have only seen the second one ONCE. Still, I really liked the movie for what it was. Filled with nudity, blood, great effects, and wonderful moments this is a fun little sequel to watch around Halloween!

Day 16 is the sci-fi horror film Bleeders. I'll admit I never saw this movie, but I remember it from the video store and was lucky enough to pick up this past summer. I love the blood filled VHS tape!

Day 17 is one of my favorites by Tobe Hooper,
Spontaneous Combustion. What a great movie. First off you have Brad Dourif as the lead, a KILLER opening/backstory, and a pretty cool storyline with an epic climax. This film sure has it's flaws, it sorta feels like it falls a little flat before the big ending, but still is a huge treat to watch. In fact I ordered the very rare blu-ray a few years back and it's one of my favorite films to watch. The visuals are amazing, as are the score!

Day 18 is Sean Cunningham's The New Kids. This movie isn't exactly horror, but a great thriller. Packed with an all star cast this movie not only features the greatest opening montage with Tom Atkins, but two really decent leads facing off against a gang of thugs after losing their parents and being forced to move down to Florida to live with distant family. The movie is very well made, and again I stress the actors featured in it are amazing. Again this is yet another movie where James Spader plays a total asshole and I love it. Two things that I love are A). The bedroom break-in when the lead actor ties up Spader, and B). The amazing final showdown in the amusement park. Great fun movie from a director who made a great classic earlier that decade!

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