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Quentin Tarantino movies ranked!

Quentin Tarantino movies ranked!
Now that Sensational Summer is behind us, I decided to rank all of writer, actor, and director Quentin Tarantino's films. 

Kill Bill Vol. 1
What works - I don't hate this movie believe me. In fact I absoutley loved the cliffhanger and loved the whole revenge storyline. Still, was never a huge fan of these kinds of movies. They focused on my two least favorite Vipers, and the whole kung-fu action scene just weren't my cup of tea.

Death Proof
What works - I love 70's car movies, so I was pumped over this movie being made. I loved the soundtrack, action scenes, the great villain of Stunt Man Mike, and of course the final action scene of the girls playing Shipsmast. I still remember seeing this in theaters and feeling so nervous watching it. Time passed, and the more and more I saw flaws in this film. Is it fun? Hell yes! Sadly being part of Grindhouse and being the act to follow up Planet Terror was a job within itself with this movie. Even Tarantino claimed this was his weakest movie. What really brings this movie down are the unlikeable women. The way they speak, act, and overall behave. Horrible, just horrible. Is it sad that both groups of women I couldn't wait to see killed? Yeah...

Kill Bill Vol. 2
What Works - I loved this entry in the series. Not only did it focus on my two favorite Vipers it also gave a very Western feel to the final act of the story. Not only did the Bride meet her match with Budd and Bill, she also kicked ass with Elie. I really loved the final chapter between The Bride and Bill. Call it a twisted love story, but the ending was upbeat and happy. Sorta makes me not want a part III.

Reservoir Dogs 
What Works - Ah the beginning. Some of Quentin's movies could work perfectly as a play. This is one of them. Shot with a low budget, with amazing character actors this movie has always been a favorite of mine. Some may say it's too slow, and falls in shadow compared to what's come afterwards but I disagree. This is a movie where less is more and of course Michael Madsen as Mr. Blond is who steals the show.

Pulp Fiction
What works - Some may say this was Quentin's greatest film of all time. With one HELL of an amazing script, all told out of order while connecting every character. With several stories featuring outrageous violence, comedy, and jaw dropping moments it's filled with memorable quotes, and amazing shocking scenes, this movie is screenwriting class at it's finest. A must for anyone to watch.  I will admit through, over time only two stories still remain my favorites. Can you guess them?

Django Unchained
What works - This movie took YEARS for me to warm up to and I mean YEARS. For the longest time I actually thought this might be Quentin's weakest entry yet. I felt it was released too soon after the release of the epic Inglorious Bastards, and HATED Jamie Foxx. Besides a little trouble with the casting (I loved Mr. Waltz, fully agree he deserved the Oscar, but the poor man will forever be typecast. The entire time I watched this the first time I kept thinking it was Landa coming to kill them all.) Nevertheless, this movie is a true Southern. The second period piece from Tarantino that works perfectly. Dealing with serious subject mater such as slavery (12 Years A Slave, a much more serious movie dealing with the same subject was released around the same time as well.) This movie doesn't take this stuff lightly, but still is able to keep some of the more tense moments light at the perfect times. With over the top characters, and blood splattering action and effects it truly is an event by the end of the movie when you finish it.

The Hateful Eight
What works - Tarantino's latest film was A+ in my books. In fact watching this movie reminded me why I love his movies so much. Yet another film that could have played out perfectly on stage. This murder mystery has one of the best casts yet, and is a slow burn with a MASSIVE payoff. This movie wasn't for everyone, but the people who did love it know what a treat it is to cozy up at this winter cabin and watch the bloodbath begin. My two favorite characters (Major Waren and Sheriff Mannix) steal the show and I absolutely loved the coffee scene.

Inglorious Bastards
What works - "Utivich, I think this may be my masterpiece." Ah yes, indeed it was. I wasn't so sure when I first went to go see this movie in theaters. This was Tarantino's first period piece and he was re-writting history with WWII (More serious subject matter) Casting amazing actors, having a great villain, and featuring some of the best most tense moments I've ever witnessed in a movie is a huge pleasure to witness. I would have loved to see a prequel showing more of these guys. The ending is epic (as is the famous basement scene), and of course the final shot of the movie which of course is my favorite out of all of his endings.

Jackie Brown
What works - Tons of people don't like this movie simply because this is what followed Pulp Fiction. As a friend of mine once told me, we're glad he didn't try to repeat the same thing he did with his pervious movie. Instead he took another modern movie yet made it feel like a 1970's heist movie. With colorful characters, comedic moments, shocking moments of violence, and a too cool for school soundtrack I honestly feel this is Quentin's best piece of work. I enjoy it every time I re-watch it and it has one hell of a storyline, villain, and romance. 

So what are yours and why?

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