Monday, July 25, 2016

Top 5 Carpenter endings!

 Top 5 Carpenter endings!
Ah, over here at Staystillreviews we are still rolling out with our new week's theme which is John Carpenter movies! (Does anyone else love the fact I completely threw the schedule out the window?) Well, to celebrate my all time favorite director I decided to post his top five endings to his movies. Let's see which ones you agree on!

5) Assault On Precinct 13
- "I have moments." After a night long standoff at the police station only three survivors are left standing still protecting the poor stunned father who lost his daughter earlier and was the cause of this gang war. The smoke clears and the one in a million chance of them living actually panned out for the best. With the haunting heartbeat of a theme going, Leigh is walks out after giving one last glance at Napoleon. Knowing that he's still a criminal, Bishop is overcome with emotional when he sees the police try to handcuff Napoleon. Telling him it would be a pleasure if he walked out with him, Napoleon and Bishop seem like old friends that helped each other survive. They smile, laugh and Napoleon replies he knows it would. Bishop grins saying he's pretty fancy and Napoleon states as he did earlier in the film he has moments. With that both police officer and criminal walk side by side and up the stairs alive.

4) In The Mouth Of Madness
- "This is not reality!" - After the very strange and unusual road trip John Trent goes on, he leaves the metal asylum he was committed to and sees that author Sutter Cane is in fact more powerful than he ever expected. The book has casted a spell over it's readers causing world wide madness. As he wanders about he finds a movie theater where the mind controlling book has been made into a movie. Going into the empty audience, John enjoys a nice popcorn as he watches his very own story unfold knowing that anyone who sees this film will be just as effected as they were reading the book. Throwing his head back, he laughs with madness as the world around him ends. Carpenter's killer theme to this is what makes the ending so epic.

3) Halloween
- "As a matter of was." - The ultimate slasher was actually quite the elegant film back in it's day. After Loomis comes to the rescue, shooting Michael several times before he falls out a second story window all seems to be safe and sound. Laurie, the babysitter sits on the floor weeping before looking up at Loomis as a child would and says "It was the boogieman." Loomis sighs and replies "As a matter of was." Going to the window, Loomis looks down only to see Michael is no longer there. Knowing that he's unstoppable and still out there Loomis glares out into the night as Laurie continues to cry and the heavy breathing of Michael surrounds the peaceful sleeping town.

2) The Fog
- "Why not six Blake? Why not six?" After it seems that Blake and his men have returned back to their grave after receiving the gold they were killed over, the fog slowly returns back to the ocean and all seems at peace. That is until the priest, still riddled with grief wanders back into the church and asks out loud why wasn't he killed? Everyone else who was released to the men who killed Blake's crew were murdered, he was the last. Why not him? Well royaly fucking himself, the ghosts appear out of the glowing fog. Stunned, the priest stares before he turns and SWOOSH! His head is cut off just as the camera goes to black and the beautiful theme begins to play. 

1) The Thing
- "Let's just wait here for a while, see what happens." This iconic ending is one of the MANY reasons why John Carpenter's The Thing is one of the greatest movies ever made. After the station has been blown to holy hell, and the creature has been killed, MacReady stumbles among the wreckage only to find Childs. The two collapse in the snow, and remark that the fires surrounding the camp won't last long and they won't survive. Here MacReady claims maybe they shouldn't. Childs tries to defend himself saying that he isn't the creature in which MacReady tells him both aren't exactly in the best of shape for any surprises. Sitting there, waiting for death the two men look at the burning fires before Childs asks what should they do? MacReady says the epic "Let's just wait here for a while, see what happens." and with that an unspoken closure is settled between the two. They pass a bottle back and forth and await death. 

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