Sunday, July 3, 2016

Top 4th of July themed horror movies!!!

 Top 4th of July themed horror movies!!!
Nearly every year around this time I write the same post to remind fellow horror fans what are some of the best horror movies based around or on the highly underrated holiday the 4th of July!!!

Return Of The Living Dead
- After a secret government made toxin gas leaks from a medical supply warehouse causing a whole graveyard of corpses emerge from the ground seeking human brains. Trapped, a group of punk rocker teens, a funeral parlor staff, and the workers of the warehouse must fight to survive and learn that zombies aren't exactly as they seem in the movies.

- A small New England town is terrorized by a great white shark attacking the residents. After several brutal deaths around the 4th of July weekend a scientist, the chief of police, and a crazed fisherman go out to hunt and kill this beast before it's too late.

I Know What You Did Last Summer
- A group of teens with a promising future accidentally hit a man crossing the coastal back highways one 4th of July after a night of partying. In complete panic, they decide to throw the body into the ocean and swear never to speak of this again. Guilt ridden, the four teens find themselves haunted by what happened and the following summer when they return to their home town they receive a note with just seven simple words...I know what you did last summer.

Uncle Sam
- A desert storm vet returns from the grave to cause complete chaos during the 4th of July holiday after several teens burn the American flag at his gravesite. 

Phantom Of The Mall
- A young man is horribly disfigured after his house is burned down and his family are killed, all so a brand new top of the line shopping mall can be built in the same exact spot. The man, Eric hides above the mall, coming down at night haunting and stalking new teens that have just begun working there for it's grand opening on the 4th of July weekend.

Cape Fear
- A crazed rapist is released from prison and begins stalking his lawyer and family, believing he's the reason why he went away. Playing mind games, he sets his sights on the lawyer's young fifteen year old daughter. 

Blow Out
- A movie recordist goes out to record background sounds for a project he's currently working on. That night he happens to record a car accident and is able to prove it wasn't an accident at fact it was a murder that was staged. Shortly after proving this, he learns he's over his head and his life in danger.

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