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Top 10 Jaws items any fan needs to own!!!

 Top 10 Jaws items any fan needs to own!!!

I'm spending this beautiful warm summer morning icing my freshly done tattoo, drinking iced coffee, and watching not only one of my all time favorite movies, but a film that is a MUST to watch every 4th of July weekend. As shark week comes to a close, I decided instead of writing a review on The Last Shark aka Great White (which dear Lord, that film was terrible!) I decided to post about 10 items that I feel any hardcore Jaws fan must own!!!

1) Shark mask by Trick Or Treat Studios 
This AMAZING mask was released by in my eyes one of the best mask companies around as of lately. Last fall Trick Or Treat Studios rocked the boat with a killer release including masks from Nightbreed AND Jaws. What makes this mask so cool is how realistic it looks, and the fact the tank is inside it's mouth. My urge to own this is insane but knowing me I might get arrested for wearing it to the beach...

2) Jaws reaction figures
Last summer Funko was seriously cranking out one epic release after another. Between their amazing Pop Vinyls, which are so adorable you can't help but own them, they also began releasing reaction figures, based off classic action figures from the 1970's and 80's. I myself was blown away by the range of characters they were covering. I began collecting right away (The Terminator, Big Trouble In Little China, and I even altered a few to make my very own Waxwork ones!) The coolest ones by far had to be the Jaws series which was Brody, Quint, Hooper, and Bruce the Shark. They even did a SE editor of Quint and Bruce covered in blood. I myself haven't been that lucky tracking them down. As of right now I only own Hooper, and just recently picked up the regular Bruce at Scare-A-Con for just 17$!

3) Jaws shirts by Fright Rags
 My favorite T-shirt company Fright Rags released one of their collect box sets to date. In fact I'm down right stunned I haven't even ordered them yet. In fact, on the 6th they are releasing two brand new Jaws shirts that I think will finally light the fire under my ass in ordering a whole bundle. Not only are these shirts top of the line, they always get the coolest artists to do several different shirts for them based off one movie. This killer boxset is for a steal! It includes the T-shirt, vintage striker, AND old school shark mask! For years I have made a tradition that any convention I go to I try and buy my father a Jaws shirt since he was the person who first showed me the movie. I feel for his birthday coming up this would make the ultimate gift! 

4) McFarlane Orca set
Back in the late 90's/early 2000's McFarlane was the best company for horror based figures. In fact I have wonderful memories of my mother buying me figure after figure while my sister worked at a Sam Goody in the mall. Here I owned figures of Freddy, Jason, Leatherface, Chucky, and The Thing. For Christmas one year my sister got me the EPIC Jaws set of the Orca sinking and tiny little Quint inside Bruce's mouth. Like a complete tool I took it out of the box. These babies are worth big money if in the right condition. The attention to detail in this set is downright insane and I will forever be looking for another one!

5) Jaws the game!
I have actually only seen one of these in person once. My friend Meg showed me it while I was helping out doing effects on a short film that was being shot in her house. She showed me it and I was in total awe. I guess this was released shortly after the movie and it's basically you have a plastic stick with a hook and you take turns trying to get shit out of Bruce's mouth as the jaws open and close without it dropping. Non-stop entertainment. Always looking for this one!

6) Plush Shark with sound
For the life of me, I honestly can't remember where I got this? It was either a gift, or I got it myself. Nevertheless, I do own this adorable plush Bruce, that makes the Jaws theme when you squeeze his fin!

7) Inflatable shark float
Jaws was one of the very first summer blockbusters which meant the merchandise that followed was insane. Who wouldn't want a giant Jaws float to take with them to the pool (since everyone after watching the movie was too scared to go swimming at the beach!) These are vintage and cool as hell. I myself have seen some pretty awesome pool floats but this takes the cake!

8) Jaws glass
Hot Topic was actually on a bit of a roll for a while back in 2014/1015. They not only released several shirts for Jaws, they also released pins, coin purses, and even glasses. I myself wandered into my local Hot Topic after hearing of this (this was the first time I stepped foot inside one since 2006) Still, I was lucky enough to walk out of there with a killer Jaws coin purse that I still use, and this heavy duty Jaws glass seen above. This is one of my favorites and I always try to make it a habit to use this glass while watching the four films. Looks awesome when filled with red wine!

9) Jaws Universal Ride Merchandise
Back in the day Universal Studios ruled. This this smart ass wizard named Harry had to come along and our beloved Jaws ride was taken down. "cries" Still, I was lucky enough to go on the ride back in 1992. I can barley remember anything about it, but I still have a photograph of me, my sister, and my mother posing inside the mouth of a fake shark outside of the ride. I guess there was a killer gift shop where you could buy T-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and yes all these awesome little items you can see above! 

10) Jaws Mondo posters.
As of lately Mondo has been knocking the Jaws artwork out of the park! This is just one of the many released they have been doing. In fact there's a brand new one available very soon of Brody walking on the beach with the kid who was too drunk to walk or undress himself the following morning after reporting Chrissy missing. I have yet to get a Jaws mondo but it's on the list for sure! In fact there is so much beautiful Jaws artwork out there it truly shows that a film that's now forty-one years old will and forever be one of the coolest summer movies of all time!

And last but not least here is a photo taken of one of two Jaws posters I own. One I have which is an original framed downstairs in my den, the other seen below is a poster my friends all pitched in to get me while I was away at school for my birthday. This is an original, and signed by the entire cast and crew. It's one of my all time favorite items I own and reminds me what amazing friends I have! I still remember being so drunk when I received this and ugly crying lol. Also next to it is my Jaws 3D box!

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