Wednesday, July 6, 2016

My Science Project drinking game!!!

 My Science Project drinking game!!!

It's 94 degrees outside. I have a headache, and I'm seriously melting downstairs in my den drinking iced coffee and watching movies. One of my favorite ultimate summer movies is the highly underrated 80's gems My Science Project. Years ago, I was trying to hunt down every Fisher Stevens movie possible, and stumbled upon this little cult classic. Now I proudly own it on blu-ray and have an original poster hanging in my den. In fact for some strange unknown reason I have a bunch of original John Stockwell movie posters hanging in my den (My Science Project, Radioactive Dreams, and Dangerously Close.) What I love about My Science Project is the fact it has a ton of fun whacky devices that's fun for any age. It's a classic 80's movie that's full of adventure, comedy, romance, science fiction, action, and really cool moments. We got a GTO car, a T-Rex, time travel, Dennis Hopper being...well Dennis Hopper, Fisher Stevens acting Italian, John Stockwell being a complete dream boat, and that amazing credit music video by the Tubes! So what's a better way to kick back and relax than popping in this fun movie and knocking back a few drinks!

I bring you...the official My Science Project drinking game!

Drink when...
Someone mentions a science project.
The name Michael or Harlan is said.
The GTO is shown.
Vinny is laying on his Italian act really thick!
A flash of any kind of light is shown.
A T-Rex roars.
Someone yells.
Lights flicker.
Music from a radio/boombox is heard playing.

Take a shot when...
The time machine makes it's "shoop!" noise.
Something or someone from a different time/dimension is shown.
A car horn is sounded.
Harlan takes his hat off.
The name Crystal is said.
Dennis Hopper mentions the 1960's.

Waterfall when...
The crazy homeless man is heard laughing.
The GTO is shown driving.
The Credit scene plays.

Enjoy getting shit faced!!!

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